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My Zombie Weapons

Posted: December 12, 2010 in Uncategorized
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So these are my weapons of choice when zombies attack. Since I figure that gunshots will only attract more ghouls, I chose stealth over firepower. Besides, swords don’t run out of bullets.

From the longest distance away, I have the compound bow equipped with broadhead- tipped arrows. I figure I can snipe single zombies from the second floor windows. I would need them to be 35 yards out or closer for an assured head shot.

Next is my broadsword. This will be my all-purpose zombie killer. I won’t have to use anything else on my list unless the fighting gets very close indeed. Or if the blade gets lodged in some bone and I have to abandon the long blade.

For the close-in fighting, I figure I can choose between my ninja sword or the machete, whichever feels right at the time. I may find that the heft and weight of the sturdy tanto blade is just that much better at dispatching the undead.

The last two blades are my weapons of last resort. If all else is lost, I still have one last chance of defense in my pocket.

So there it is, my plan for mobile defense in the zombie apocalypse.

UPDATE: Gerber machete, SOG Seal Pup knife, and Fenix PD31 304 lumen tactical light.

I just wanted to share this link, cause it’s cool. Map of the Dead is the top rated post zombie apocalypse map for all your survival needs. It shows your location relative to the nearest: grocery stores, gun shops, hospitals, and other places you may want to scavenge for supplies once civilization crumbles.