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These are two super slick videos of Ken Block driving a WRX.

wrx = Awesome

Posted: October 10, 2008 in Travel, Uncategorized
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I wanted to mention my car. While I work close to home and commute by bike, I still love to drive my Subaru WRX. These days, I have been trying to do many hyper-miling techniques to increase my MPG. However, having a turbo-charged sports car is not the most fuel efficient means of transportation. I also need to buy Premium Gas (91 octane or above) because of the turbo. When I bought it new, in 2003, that wasn’t an issue. Regular was $1.20 and Premium was $1.30. Now it’s a different story. Even though most of the time I try and save gas and coast in neutral, there are times when I treat myself and really let the turbo rip and press me back in the seat as I fly off the line, going from 0-60 in 5.4 seconds. Whooo hoooo! The first year I got my car, it came with a membership to the Sports car club of America which holds races all over the place. I entered into a few of them and won several. It was a blast.

This is my latest video I made. It shows a little of what I do for fun.