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I was playing XIII last night on the PS2 and thought about how stupid video games are sometimes. XIII is an older first person shooter with cell-shading to make it look like a comic book. It’s decent as far as those games go but not amazing by any means. Anyway, I got to the end of a level 08120304350979986600after killing numerous guards with a few shots each, only to meet the “Boss” of that level. A mad doctor whose main attack is throwing scalpels at you. He also gets in close and stabs you with a tranquilizer and slashes you to pieces while you are dazed.

The thing is, this guy wouldn’t die. He took a total of 4 shotgun blasts, 22 9mm rounds, 6 44specials, and 2 GRENADES! before he died. His special armor consisted of one white lab coat. So my question is: How is it that I can kill goons with a few shots with a pistol from far away; 4719 but then have to blast all my firepower at some old man at point blank range before he goes down? Video games are crazy sometimes. I guess the developers just needed something hard at the end of the level thought, “I know, let’s give this guy 500 hit points so he’ll be really hard to beat.” I guess in that sense, they succeeded. It took me four tries to beat him, but still.