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On my trip to Australia, I experienced the worst selection of in-flight movies, ever.

The first was Titanic: a disaster movie about travel where most of the passengers die.

The second was Lost in Space: A travel movie about navigation error while in flight.

The third was Armegeddon: In which the world’s most advanced aircraft, the space shuttle, explodes.

Great job flight crew. I really feel much safer flying now.

Trip to Australia & New Zealand

with People to People. July 1998


Trip to Germany 2005 Journal

Posted: September 3, 2008 in Travel
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Trip to Germany 2005

With Lydia & Hans Heinz Würslin

Day 1 1/5/05 We are waiting in Hancock Airport ready to go to Atlanta GA & then to Zurich, Switzerland. I have been learning snatches of German so I can have some idea of what’s going on. I can’t wait to drive on the Autobahn & see the mountains!

Day 2 1/6/05 The hours passed quickly flying East so it was the next day in no time as evidenced by the announcement right after we boarded that we would be arriving in Zurich shortly. Yeah, 9 hours of shortly. (more…)