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The mathematician

Posted: October 3, 2008 in Books, writing
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This is one of my favorite short stories I wrote back in ’98. Any student who struggles through math class will enjoy this. (more…)

I have been working on short stories for a creative writing class. Boy it is hard! I have three viable options but I think at least two of them could be expanded to novella or even novel length. Planning out the plot is okay but coming up with characters is difficult. How do you do it?

I asked my Prof what he thinks. This is what he said: “Read them over carefully, and like all of them. I’d prefer the second one, but that’s less that I think it’s better than the others than that I love ‘near-future’ scifi. Go with your gut.”


What’s that supposed to mean! Which one is the best or has the best potential. What format should it be? Arghh. Ambiguous feedback is sometimes worse than no feedback.

Hey Blogoshpere! I am taking a creative writing/ fiction class and I need to decide what type of project to do for the semester. Any ideas? It could be a series of short stories, a novella, a play, a screenplay, a graphic novel, etc. What do you think? Topics?