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I recently wanted to buy myself some nice new ear plugs for the large holes in my ears. I planned on going to a piercing shop my friend owns and getting them from him. Even with a potential friends discount, I was expecting to pay $30.

But all of a sudden I was struck with an idea. Why not make your own? I have in fact made much of my own body jewelry in the past, and had many of the tools necessary for it. This time, I wanted some nice wood ones. Well, by making them myself, I made them much more personal and with special significance. You see, I had some chunks of wood that I picked up in Sherwood forest that I had been saving. Yeah, that Sherwood. These were pieces that I’d harvested from downed trees, not chopped out of any living one. The thing is, these trees were hundreds of years old. So I carefully planned out the cuts I was going to make, and using succesively finer grits of sandpaper, came away with some beautiful and rare jewelry that I will appreciate so much more than store bought ones. And they were free.

So next time you want to buy something, ask yourself: “Can I make this myself?” You will be glad you did.