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Golf is my current obsession

Posted: June 22, 2009 in Sports
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So I go through phases. Something comes along and I become infatuated with it for a few months, then it kind of fizzles out. Right now, it’s golf. I played a few times last year and had a good time. Mind you, my score is almost always terrible, but I have fun. I consistently get 39+ over par when I play 18. If my putting is good, my iron works stinks. If I can hit well with my irons, I choke off the tee.

I spend a considerable amount of time thinking about what I might do to be better next time, even if I only get out on the course once a month. For example, even though I am a beginner, and should learn how to get a consistent swing first, I am going to buy a used (but much newer than my Uncle’s) driver tomorrow. Whenever I use my current driver, I hit it badly. The few times that I’ve used my friends modern oversize driver, my shots are much more consistently good, or at least longer. I will then proceed to the local driving range and blast a bucket of balls all over the place. Worm burners that go 20 feet then stop. Massive hooks, wide slices, and hopefully some straight drives.

Because really, golf is all about hope. I hope I can do better next time. I hope my new club makes some noticable improvement in my game. I hope my wife will let me go golfing this weekend.