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a novel

By Dan Mumford


The screen flickered to life, showing blips and graphs. Six different sets of vital signs sprang into focus. Tom watched the soldiers they belonged to move about the small room through the feeds in their headset cams, preparing equipment and re-checking their gear. Sun shone in from a window onto a bare dirt floor. Little swirls of dust swished about the room as the team readied themselves for the upcoming operation. (more…)

I wish you a fun day of chaos and mayhem. For a fun look back at some of my previous costumes, check here.

National Novel Writing Month starts tomorrow. I think I’m ready for the challenge of writing 50,000 words in a month, but please check back here occasionally and give me some encouragement, or scorn if I appear to have given up. Cheers!

NaNoWriMo 2009

Posted: September 30, 2009 in Books, sci-fi, writing
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So I decided to do NaNoWriMo 2009. What is it, you may ask? National Novel Writing Month. All November long, I’ll be churning out content. Then I’ll have a rough first draft at the end of it. I have three potential novels I could write during that time. We’ll see how it turns out!

This is just a quick life update. I am now a stay at home dad for two days a week. The others are spent doing projects around the house that we haven’t had time to do in the last few years. Like: ripping down the wall between the kitchen and dining room, replacing broken window panes, stripping paint, fixing the leaky basement, etc.

I have received 3 rejections from agents about their interest in my novel so far. I’m waiting on 2 more. I may start sending it out to publishers too, but I’d rather have an agent first.

I’m starting on my last semester of classes for my A.S. in Business from OCC. I like my guitar class the best so far. I know how to play, and have for years, but it’s fun remembering all the old Metallica songs I used to know and jamming with the other advanced students.

The toddler is adapting well to his first major life transition: Mom at work, he’s in daycare or with me, I’m gone at night at class. That’s it for now

Chapter 7. (more…)

Chapter 5. (more…)

Chapter 4 . (Six and a half years later.) (more…)

Chapter 3. Seven years ago (more…)

Chapter 2 of my novel Downfall

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Chapter 2. Two months ago. (more…)



a novel

By Dan Mumford

Chapter 1. Present (2400 A.D.)

She rolled around the corner just as the security bot brought its lasers (more…)

More on this later. I’ve typed too many words in the last few days…

So basically imagine this + this = my book.


There’s also a little of this:space_116

I had a lot of fun writing it. I thought that taking a creative writing class would be a good motivator for me and I was right. Originally I wanted to do five short stories set in our universe, in chronological order. But when I got into it, I found I could only concentrate on one plot and characters at a time. So I set out to write a novella (<17,500 words) but as I kept writing, I thought that just maybe I can make it novel length (<40,000 words) The “final” first draft is 45,000 and change, 91 pages single spaced. I still need to do a lot of work expanding the characters. Most of what I’ve written is all story driven.

This is the first time I’ve written anything this long before. It was interesting seeing the different directions the story flowed. Characters took on minds of their own and went places I never thought about going. The book is actually pretty bloody, not something I was shooting for, but that’s what happens. Towards the end, I almost worked it so one of my characters survived, but then I thought, “No, he has to die.” It wasn’t nearly as sad as when I killed off someone else back around page 29.  I loved researching stuff for my book too. I take the science part of science fiction very seriously. From ballistics tests to secret NASA laboratories to cuttle fish physiology, I went all over the map. I hope people have fun reading it. Now I just need to get it published. Any suggestions?

I just got my signed copies of four John Scalzi novels in the mail yesterday. Woo hoo.


Who is John Scalzi? Only one of the best sci-fi writers out there today. And he’s a great guy. His blog is always fascinating The Whatever . Anyway for the holidays, he is offering to sign his books for free. All you have to do is buy them from his local bookstore and they will ship them out. Here’s what he says:

“And thus I get to do two nice things at one time: Make my readers happy, and help out a local independent bookseller who has been very good to me as a local author. Everybody wins.”

Details can be found on his blog right here:on-the-getting-of-signed-personalized-book-from-me-for-the-holidays

So drop by and pick up his books signed by the man himself. He even inscribed them to me personally. Very cool. A great gift for any sci-fi nut.

I have been working on short stories for a creative writing class. Boy it is hard! I have three viable options but I think at least two of them could be expanded to novella or even novel length. Planning out the plot is okay but coming up with characters is difficult. How do you do it?

I asked my Prof what he thinks. This is what he said: “Read them over carefully, and like all of them. I’d prefer the second one, but that’s less that I think it’s better than the others than that I love ‘near-future’ scifi. Go with your gut.”


What’s that supposed to mean! Which one is the best or has the best potential. What format should it be? Arghh. Ambiguous feedback is sometimes worse than no feedback.

Jordan Baker in

“The Great Gatsby”

A Static Character