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Synth Battle

Posted: February 19, 2009 in design, Music, Sword
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My new favorite commercial.

This will be stuck in your head all day. For all you Arrested Development fans out there, this one goes to G.O.B.

Funny story… We were hanging out at our friends house last night when Joe comes in and and says, “Hey what do you do if you think your car’s on fire?” ,grabs the fire extinguisher, and walks back outside. We all pile out and are greeted by noxious fumes. There is gray smoke pouring out from under his hood. He drove all the way home and said it was fine, but I guess something ignited it. We couldn’t see a flame though. He wants to call a mechanic friend but his wife says to call the Fire Dept. He finally says,

“OK what’s their number?” …

“911, duh”…

“but it’s not an emergency.”…

“Your CAR is on fire!”…

“OK fine.”

My wife as an aside…”This is how Darwin Awards start off.”

Once the FD gets there, they inspect the engine which is still smoking. Joe, the consummate salesman tries to sell his car to the firemen while they are putting out the fire. “For you, only $3,000.” Classic. In the end they found a mechanic’s rag shoved under the oil filter that had been smoldering. “Oh snap! Someones going to get free oil changes for life!”