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Chapter 3. Seven years ago (more…)



a novel

By Dan Mumford

Chapter 1. Present (2400 A.D.)

She rolled around the corner just as the security bot brought its lasers (more…)

More on this later. I’ve typed too many words in the last few days…

So basically imagine this + this = my book.


There’s also a little of this:space_116

I had a lot of fun writing it. I thought that taking a creative writing class would be a good motivator for me and I was right. Originally I wanted to do five short stories set in our universe, in chronological order. But when I got into it, I found I could only concentrate on one plot and characters at a time. So I set out to write a novella (<17,500 words) but as I kept writing, I thought that just maybe I can make it novel length (<40,000 words) The “final” first draft is 45,000 and change, 91 pages single spaced. I still need to do a lot of work expanding the characters. Most of what I’ve written is all story driven.

This is the first time I’ve written anything this long before. It was interesting seeing the different directions the story flowed. Characters took on minds of their own and went places I never thought about going. The book is actually pretty bloody, not something I was shooting for, but that’s what happens. Towards the end, I almost worked it so one of my characters survived, but then I thought, “No, he has to die.” It wasn’t nearly as sad as when I killed off someone else back around page 29.  I loved researching stuff for my book too. I take the science part of science fiction very seriously. From ballistics tests to secret NASA laboratories to cuttle fish physiology, I went all over the map. I hope people have fun reading it. Now I just need to get it published. Any suggestions?