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You may ask why I post my old school papers on my blog. Well, because I wrote them and I’m proud of my writing. Even if I wrote them when I was 17 and they’re about stories or books people haven’t read before. I was surprised that a piece I wrote about Jordan Baker in “The Great Gatsby” is one of my most popular posts. The popularity peaks around when finals are due, so I finally got the correlation. I now have a blurb about how plagiarizing is wrong at the top. Anyway, I figure that I spent a week or so researching a paper in high school, so I may as well share that bit of writing with others. If people want to copy it, that’s on them. I am flattered to be used as a source, but don’t condone cheating. One might argue that it’s similar to giving away guns while saying you’re against murder. The thing is, if I took my time to handcraft a beautiful weapon, I would want to share it. A gun can just as easily provide a family with food as kill someone, but the manufacturer shouldn’t be blamed for other people’s choices. I understand that this is a limited argument. A well written essay is usually written for a good reason, whereas assault rifles are made, not for hunting deer, but killing people. Cigarettes are another example of an item that is manufactured for a less than healthy purpose. This is a case where one might hold the maker to some standard of responsibility for their actions.

Wow that got off track. Anyway, enjoy my old essays. And remember, if you plagerize, you’re only cheating yourself.