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I’m still going strong, even though it has been pretty chilly the past few mornings. It was 32° this morning. Coming down off the hill is very cool. I’ve had to alter my clothing set-up a bit. I also switched helmets. I was using my nice bike helmet with all the vents, but that got too cold. So now I’ve got my snowboarding helmet. It has much smaller vents and even insulated ear flaps. Very nice. I seal my jacket at the wrists over my full finger gloves and also use a face shield.

Well this week is my 24th week commuting by bike this year. Last year I rode 29 weeks so this year I should be able to ride right up until December to make 34 weeks. I love it. It gets me energized for the days work, and sweaty and sexy for the ride home uphill so when I walk in the door, I have my business shirt all unbuttoned like Superman. Plus I estimate I’m saving 384 miles on my car, or $76.80 on gas so far this year. That may not seem like a lot because work is only two miles away from home. I planned it that way when I bought my house. But every little bit helps when you have a baby. Plus I get exercise everyday. It’s a good deal all around. I suggest you try it. I have another post that explains it a little more. Cheers for now.


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My commuter.

My commuter.

I already mentioned that I ride my bike to work but I thought I’d talk a little more about it. I started last year when we lived 3.5 miles from my work and my wife was 25 miles from her workplace. When we started looking for a house, location relative to work was definitely a factor. Now I am only 2 miles away (about 12 minutes by bike and 11 minutes by car) and Lydia is only 15 miles away. I hear about these people who get up at 4:30 am and drive 3 hours to go to work. Everyday. That’s crazy! My time is more valuable than that. And my money goes to other things instead of Gas. I only filled up once in June. If you decide to do this, here are a few tips: get fenders, they prevent that stripe up the back from rain and puddles. I use the rack on the back everyday for my messenger bag or my laptop so having one of those is also important. Mine has lights in the front and back that run off a little dynamo on the back tire. When they’re off, they’re just reflectors. I don’t use this very often but when it’s dark coming home, or raining or misty, it really helps. The only other big trick is to have a back up transportation plan in case the weather is terrible. I could ride the bus or snag a ride from my wife if I really needed to but since the car would be going downtown, that defeats the purpose of saving gas. If more people would realize that they can commute by bike if they rearrange a few things in their life, they could save money, time, and get fit doing it.