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My son just turned one and he is a prodigious climber. He is a beast of a baby too. He doesn’t even use his legs to climb up onto chairs. He just grabs both edges and pulls himself up using only his arms. It’s beginning to be a problem because he is so quick that if we don’t see him for 20 seconds, he will be up the stairs, climbing the toilet, and IN the sink banging on the mirror. I’m so glad that I keep my straight razors in a separate rack high up off the floor. It is becoming very tiring keeping up with him all day. He’s also starting to walk too so maybe that will tire him out just enough that we can catch our breath.

Two days ago, I set Andrew down on his feet and he stood for 3 seconds before he fell. I tried it again yesterday and he did it for a full fifteen seconds. Now he can do it longer. He is rock solid too. No wobbles. He even tried a few steps towards me but he fell. He can do tiny steps to correct for balance though. Pretty exciting. We have to do a whole new round of baby proofing now.

Andrew The Cruiser

Posted: February 24, 2009 in baby, Home, Parenting
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Andrew has been cruising around for the last month or so. I think he will walk before 10 months. It is a challenge making sure he doesn’t get into things he shouldn’t. We are still in the middle of baby-proofing, All the outlets are plugged and the cleaning stuff is up out of reach, but we still need more cabinets locks. Anyway, I just thought I’d put up a new pic.