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This is a song I wrote in ’96. Since abortion seems to be a hot issue right now, I thought I’d publish it here. The song focuses on Vegans and Vegetarians in the hardcore scene who say that they support abortion. This gives a little more backstory on my beliefs regarding murdering babies. As with any inflammatory issue, I expect people to have vastly different opinions on this subject. Please leave your comments, but keep it civil.

No Choice

You say that you are vegan

And protect the animals’ rights

But when asked your views on abortion

You say that you are pro-choice

No choice

You say that you’re vegan and stand up

For animal rights, yet you give the O.K.

To slaughter innocent  human life

Conscious beings immersed in their mother’s

Womb, they have as much right to live

As the animals that you protect

Thousands of cattle

Cannot make up

For one slaughtered

Human life

There is no


For what

You believe


I am so glad that the election is over. The American people have made a brave decision and shown the world that we are sorry for the last eight years and we want to change. Just by the results, people all over the world have changed their mind about America . I think there is still hope for our foreign alliances. I also hope that the Republicans won’t skulk so much that they refuse to work with the new President on anything. Barack seemed very gracious last night and I wish him well.

My sister is in Europe right now and she says that everyone is thrilled that Obama will be president. Since I live in NY, it was almost a certainty that it would swing for Obama, but looking at the county by county map, there were several Repulican counties. But Barack got all the big ones that mattered. My own county split 118,390 for Obama, 80,476 for McCain. This have been a weird election for me because I work at a Christian organization where many of my co-workers are staunch McCain supporters and see anyone who would consider Obama as somehow (how do I say this) un-Godly, maybe. My church is the same way. However, I feel that alot of people were narrow minded when it came to certain issues. Like I have said before, Obama’s stance on abortion is regrettable, but you can’t let that one issue decide the election for you and cloud over everything else. We have had a pro-life Republican president for the last eight years and how much progress has been made on that issue? Not much, in my own estimation. I like to think that I have a broader view of the impact the next president may have on the world and I’m glad everything turned out the way it did. On a selfish note, I am also thrilled that I won’t see any more of those negative campaign ads. Yay! We’re done.

I believe that if we instituted a mandatory wait of one month after birth before an abortion could take place, it would drastically reduce the number of babies slaughtered each year. If the mother was required to swing the machete or scalpel, there would be almost zero abortions a year. No mother with a shred of human feelings could hack her own baby to pieces. Call me what you like but I think abortion is wrong, no matter what the situation. So a woman gets raped, that is a horrible tradegy, but don’t go and make it worse and kill the innocent child too. Besides, the vast majority of abortions are not because of rape or incest, they are convenience killings. “Oh, I don’t feel like having a baby right now.” Well, maybe you should have thought about that before having sex.

However, as strong as my feelings for this issue are, I refuse to let this one issue decide the election for me. I believe the Republicans will do much more damage than good, in almost all areas of policy. Eight years ago, I would have voted for McCain and I said McCain in 08? Yeah. But not so much now. He will get us into more war (Iran) and stay in Iraq 100 years!? (his words, not mine). No please. We need to take care of America where we need it most, in America.