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Yes we may or may not be bad parents for taking our three month old up a mountain but he seemed to enjoy it even if my back and shoulders didn’t. He just looked at the trees all day. He loves being outside. We met some of Lydia’s BASIC (brothers and sisters in Christ) friends up at Lewey Lake campground in the Adirondacks this past weekend. The campground gets a C+ from me. Nice scenery but bad to nonexistent facilities and too many stupid rules. ” No athletic Games on the beach” Oh, we wouldn’t want people to have fun now would we. And no open space for frisbee or volleyball. Besides that though, it was a great weekend. We had good food, I got to go golfing and did decently well again, we climbed Snowy Peak, and got to hang out with friends.

Incidentally, Snowy Peak, elevation 3,899 ft. is the 51st tallest mountain in New York even though it is actually taller than the 45th and 46th tallest. How, you may ask? When they were surveying all the peaks in the 1800’s they were a little off sometimes so there are two mountains included in the 46 High Peaks that are below 4,000 ft. and there is at least one that is 4,000 ft. but it’s number 47. Ha!