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Fun World Cup Ad

Posted: May 25, 2010 in Sports
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Nike Football

This is my log book for every kayaking trip I’ve ever been on. I typed it up to have a digital copy. I hope that some fellow kayakers might find it useful as I do include river levels, descriptions of rapids, etc. However, this is my personal log, so if it seems like I’m a little self-absorbed with entries like: “I surfed Awesome today!” it’s because at the time, I was only writing it for myself. So, anyway, enjoy. And I hope someone else might use this to find as much fun on the rivers as I have. Just a note, most of these rivers are in Upstate NY. The Salmon river features prominently since it’s only 45 minutes away from Syracuse. cfs = cubic feet per second.

Dan’s Kayaking Log:


I first got the itch when I went whitewater rafting on the Lehigh in ’99. I was like, “This is fun, but look how much more fun they’re having.” meaning my guides in the safety kayaks. (more…)

I just got back from Moosefest on Sunday. A great whitewater festival up in Old Forge. I did the Middle section on Saturday, then we watched people go down the Bottom on Sunday.

I am working on typing up my entire kayaking log, which includes every river I’ve done, water levels, rapid descriptions, etc. Look for that soon. It may be of some use to fellow kayakers, but I’m doing it primarily so I’ll have a copy around incase something happens to my notebook.

This is Crystal Falls, Class V on the Bottom Moose

Crystal Falls

Related to my previous post…

This is the putter I want. It looks like a spaceship, and being a sci-fi fan, I want it. It’s an Odyssey White Hot XG Teron. I put very well with it…in the store.


Golf is my current obsession

Posted: June 22, 2009 in Sports
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So I go through phases. Something comes along and I become infatuated with it for a few months, then it kind of fizzles out. Right now, it’s golf. I played a few times last year and had a good time. Mind you, my score is almost always terrible, but I have fun. I consistently get 39+ over par when I play 18. If my putting is good, my iron works stinks. If I can hit well with my irons, I choke off the tee.

I spend a considerable amount of time thinking about what I might do to be better next time, even if I only get out on the course once a month. For example, even though I am a beginner, and should learn how to get a consistent swing first, I am going to buy a used (but much newer than my Uncle’s) driver tomorrow. Whenever I use my current driver, I hit it badly. The few times that I’ve used my friends modern oversize driver, my shots are much more consistently good, or at least longer. I will then proceed to the local driving range and blast a bucket of balls all over the place. Worm burners that go 20 feet then stop. Massive hooks, wide slices, and hopefully some straight drives.

Because really, golf is all about hope. I hope I can do better next time. I hope my new club makes some noticable improvement in my game. I hope my wife will let me go golfing this weekend.

124_2470I have a complicated relationship with this particular rapid. I suppose I would be the beaten housewife who defends her drunk husband in this scenario. Nelson’s Falls is a class 4 multi drop waterfall on the Middle section of the Moose river right near Old Forge, NY in the Adirondacks. Every year I go up to Moosefest and tackle this beast again. It’s not the gnarliest feature I’ve gone down in a kayak before, but it gave me the worst beating.

The saga begins several years ago. (more…)

Listen to Scott Sigler. He writes some of the best stuff out there now. And he is very approachable/ available with a big online presence. He started out inventing the Podcast Only novel, but now he has books in print with a new one (Contagious) coming out December 30th. All of his stuff is really fast paced, gripping, violent, and pretty frickin awesome. You can get the podcasts for free on his site, but you should buy his books too. I have reviews of his stuff in other posts but I recommend you just read/ listen to them.


I believe I can finally say I found the solution to my cameras doing badly on my various adventures.img_14961


This is my new Pelican Case! I now have a waterproof, moisture-proof, crush-proof place to store my video camera. There are also spots for: an extra battery, my phone, an extra tape, and my Canon Elph as well. I got this because my video camera has seen some rough times over the years documenting my various adventures. Whether it was filming surfing on the beach during a hurricane (wind, salt water, sand) to filming ice climbing in the high peaks (wind, snow, freezing temps) to snowboarding (sudden falls, being buried in snow) to whitewater kayaking (water, snow, river slime). Hopefully this precaution will prevent some of the extensive maintenance I have had to do with this camera. The lens has frozen shut twice and the zoom was stuck from a combination of salt and moisture.


Posted: November 9, 2008 in Sports
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Stigmata? or rug burn from karate class? Either way, it still hurts. Especially when my sock sticks to it and I have to rip it off. Yikes. Caution: bloody picture below. (more…)

goggle lust

Posted: November 6, 2008 in Sports
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I think I need those for the upcoming snowboard season. Yeah, definitely.

I’m still going strong, even though it has been pretty chilly the past few mornings. It was 32° this morning. Coming down off the hill is very cool. I’ve had to alter my clothing set-up a bit. I also switched helmets. I was using my nice bike helmet with all the vents, but that got too cold. So now I’ve got my snowboarding helmet. It has much smaller vents and even insulated ear flaps. Very nice. I seal my jacket at the wrists over my full finger gloves and also use a face shield.

When I was on the Luge Team

Posted: October 3, 2008 in Sports, writing
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I was on the Junior Olympic Luge Team back in ’97. Here is a poem: (more…)

Rally -vs- Nascar

Posted: October 3, 2008 in Sports
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This is a paper I did from 2004.


There are many facets to the exciting world of motorsports but I will present just two. NASCAR has become extremely popular in recent years (second only to Football in the US) possibly because of its simplicity. In a different kind of racing, the events are held in 16 countries all across the globe; so it has become popular worldwide. This superior sport is called Rally racing. (more…)

Well this week is my 24th week commuting by bike this year. Last year I rode 29 weeks so this year I should be able to ride right up until December to make 34 weeks. I love it. It gets me energized for the days work, and sweaty and sexy for the ride home uphill so when I walk in the door, I have my business shirt all unbuttoned like Superman. Plus I estimate I’m saving 384 miles on my car, or $76.80 on gas so far this year. That may not seem like a lot because work is only two miles away from home. I planned it that way when I bought my house. But every little bit helps when you have a baby. Plus I get exercise everyday. It’s a good deal all around. I suggest you try it. I have another post that explains it a little more. Cheers for now.