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Andrew The Cruiser

Posted: February 24, 2009 in baby, Home, Parenting
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Andrew has been cruising around for the last month or so. I think he will walk before 10 months. It is a challenge making sure he doesn’t get into things he shouldn’t. We are still in the middle of baby-proofing, All the outlets are plugged and the cleaning stuff is up out of reach, but we still need more cabinets locks. Anyway, I just thought I’d put up a new pic.

Two front teeth

Posted: November 29, 2008 in baby, Family, Parenting
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my little man

Posted: November 17, 2008 in baby, Family, Home, Parenting
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img_1493I just thought I should have a more recent picture of Andrew up on here. Lydia made the hat. He’s five months now and 21.5 pounds. Quite a chunk. He has two teeth now and is becoming very coordinated with picking up banana or apple slices and putting them in his mouth, more for the teething relief than for food. He can spin around and roll over but hasn’t mastered crawling yet. He can also stand by himself for quite a while if he holds on to the couch. I love making him laugh and shriek with joy when I tickle his ample tummy. Oh Andrew, if only you could be happy all of the time.


The colors are Heaven’s Wind and Mountain Forget Me Not. We used the new No VOC (Volatile Organic Chemicals) paint from Home Depot. It was expensive ($36/gal) but worth it for the safety of our family and house. No harmful off-gassing for us. We slept in the room the same day we painted and it was fine. No crazy paint headaches and feeling high. As you can see, we chose to do some cool color blocks on the walls. I think it came out nicely. The weird thing about the paint is: in natural light, it looks blue, but in the evening, it looks purple. I don’t mind having a purple bedroom because 1. it’s very light anyway, and 2. it’s only the color of the walls. I am staying firm on keeping my camo footlocker out though. A man has to have someplace to sit and put on his shoes in the morning. Sheesh.

Here are some of my old costumes:


Zoo Boo




My Beautiful bellydancer

IMG_6817Ninja and Spidey


The baby is bamboo. Get it?



Samurai Jack




Notice the ninja star and grappling hook. I’ve even got the split-toe tabi boots.

Peter  PanRobin HoodA spy

I just thought I’d say, yeahhhh. New parents have it tough, and new Mom’s really have it rough. Andrew has gas or something and refused to go down again after nursing so I shushed him back to sleep and rolled back into bed. 45 seconds later he is stirring again. It’s hard to sooth a baby when I am missing key tools like breasts. Anyway, Lydia finally had to get him down.

One tip for putting babies down the first time. If he is almost asleep after nursing, I pick him up and move him quickly to the crip. If he starts to fuss and try to rub his eyes, I just gently hold his arms down against the mattress. He likes to sleep with his arms up in the “I surrender” pose. I don’t even grab them but just cup my hand over them so that he can’t lift them and touch his face. After a few seconds of squirming, he gives up and falls asleep.

Yes we may or may not be bad parents for taking our three month old up a mountain but he seemed to enjoy it even if my back and shoulders didn’t. He just looked at the trees all day. He loves being outside. We met some of Lydia’s BASIC (brothers and sisters in Christ) friends up at Lewey Lake campground in the Adirondacks this past weekend. The campground gets a C+ from me. Nice scenery but bad to nonexistent facilities and too many stupid rules. ” No athletic Games on the beach” Oh, we wouldn’t want people to have fun now would we. And no open space for frisbee or volleyball. Besides that though, it was a great weekend. We had good food, I got to go golfing and did decently well again, we climbed Snowy Peak, and got to hang out with friends.

Incidentally, Snowy Peak, elevation 3,899 ft. is the 51st tallest mountain in New York even though it is actually taller than the 45th and 46th tallest. How, you may ask? When they were surveying all the peaks in the 1800’s they were a little off sometimes so there are two mountains included in the 46 High Peaks that are below 4,000 ft. and there is at least one that is 4,000 ft. but it’s number 47. Ha!

Yes, we use cloth diapers. No, we’re not insane. My wife and I both agreed to this approach before Andrew was born. In the past, both of our mothers used a diaper service that was available but they often use harsh chemicals like bleach. So we decided to do it ourselves. We got a new high efficiency washer that has a “sanitary” cycle. Basically it has an internal water heater so that it can use very hot water no matter what your t-stat is set to on your hot water heater. The diapers are really not that bad to use. The covers have velcro and cool designs on them. You don’t have to use pins.

Another great reason we use them is that disposable diapers are just so expensive compared to cloth. We bought two sampler packs of cloths and covers that cost around $160 total.  We haven’t needed more since and our washer only costs about 44 cents a load. Compare that to disposables that go for around  $50 for jumbo pack that might last a month. That’s still $600 a year. Not to mention the environmental cost of having a plastic ( remember plastic is a petroleum product made from oil. Why are we in Iraq again?) diaper rotting in a landfill for 500 years.

I know cloth is not for everyone. People think they are too busy or that it would be too gross. And it does take a lot of work. My wife is awesome in that respect. But they have already paid off in many ways. We’ve only had one minor diaper rash (that was using up the newborn disposables we got) and potty training will be easier because cloth actually feels wet and uncomfortable instead of that gel stuff that sucks it away ( and may or may not be carcinogenic) Well that’s just a few thoughts on why we use cloth diapers and why I think other parents should too.