How to: re-glaze windows

Posted: October 10, 2012 in Home, home improvement, Uncategorized
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Continuing my DIY series, I’ll show you how to re-glaze old windows.

Step 1: Remove the old glazing. I’ve found that a sharp paint scraper will do the trick. If you must, use an old chisel you don’t care about because there is sure to be metal glazing points buried under there just waiting to wreak havoc on a chisel blade. Once you have removed the glazing, take out all the old glazing points, and carefully remove the old window pane. If you are doing this to replace a broken pane, remove it recklessly 🙂   Just watch out for broken glass. Once you have the window frame prepped, roll a thin rope of glazing onto the ledge where the window will sit (pictured below). This creates a good seal for the window, and also cushions it a bit. Rolling a tiny worm of glazing can take some time, so if you really need to go faster, you can use caulk here if you must.


Step 2: Gently place the new window pane onto the rope of glazing compound or caulk. Press with even pressure to smoosh the caulk flat but don’t break the window!


Step 3: Take your paint scraper (or even a tile trowel with a nice big handle) and push glazing points into the frame symmetrically around the pane. If it’s a small pane, two per side is fine. Bigger panes need more support, so add more accordingly. Try to get the point as flush to the frame as you can.

Step 4: Roll the glazing compound into big snakes and push it into the corner formed by the pane of glass and the frame. Don’t worry about being neat.


Step 5: Take a paint scraper and press it into the glazing at an angle so that the blade touches the top of the wood frame and the glass. Slowly and smoothly, draw the tool down the frame towards you, applying pressure.


Step 6: Flip the window over and see if you need to trim some more. If the glazing is sticking way out, adjust your angle and go around again, making sure to not go so thin that the ends of the glazing points are revealed.

Step 7: Smooth out the corners and you’re nearly done! Just wait until the glazing gets hard enough to paint, paint it along with the rest of the window and that’s it!

  1. Anonymous says:

    helpful advice re glazing points thank you

  2. alpinmack says:

    You’re welcome! Glad I could help.

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