9 years ago today…

Posted: February 14, 2012 in Christian, Uncategorized
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9 Years ago today, I was driving my Toyota Tacoma to work on I81 when I hit a patch of ice going over a bridge. The rear wheels slid out to the left and I tried to steer out of it. I didn’t want to slam on the breaks and go spinning out of control. I realized that I was heading towards the guardrail so I did a little mental checklist before I hit:

Seatbelt? Check,

Airbag? Check.

“OK God here I come.” Check.

I hit the rail at 65 miles an hour and the truck flipped over onto its roof and slid one hundred feet before coming to a rest in the snow bank. The air pressure blew out the back window so snow flew everywhere. I ducked instinctively when I felt the vehicle flip and it was a good thing I did. When it came to rest, the ceiling was only three inches from my fingers on the steering wheel. I heard the tires still spinning and realized that the techno CD I was listening to had stopped playing. Since I was an EMT, I knew the dangers of neck injuries and other trauma. I cautiously wiggled my fingers and toes before I moved my neck. I hunched my shoulders and took a deep breath to see if any ribs were broken. (This is all while I was upside down) Then I unclipped my seat belt and flipped/ crawled over to the passenger side which wasn’t as crushed. The airbag never went off. My Mom bought me an emergency hammer that can cut seatbelts and break glass. I stowed it under the driver’s seat, but because everything had flipped over and snow was everywhere, I couldn’t find it. I pulled out my Leatherman and tried to break the window. I slammed the point of the pliers into the glass repeatedly but it wouldn’t break! Since the CD stopped playing, I assumed power was out, but struck by a sudden thought, I tried the button for the window. Whirrrrrr. It rolled open and I crawled out…right into the arms of my coworker who was a certified first responder! But get this. It was her day off. She just happened to be passing moments after my truck slid to a stop. I also knew a few of the EMTs that arrived minutes later. How many injuries did I receive? None. Does God exist? Yes.

To top  off the day, I took my then girlfriend (now wife) out to dinner at Bangkok Thai in Liverpool. During dinner, I showed Joy (our waitress) the above Polaroid and got a free fried ice cream for surviving!

  1. Most years when I get to my birthday I think, “whoopee! I survived another 365 days!” mocking the accomplishment of simply continuing to breathe. On that day, you deserved at least an ice cream and probably a hug and on your next birthday you could celebrate that you had indeed, God willing, accomplished something.

  2. erika says:

    wow! …about 7 or so yrs ago i hit ice driving my tan toyota tacoma driving to work on henneberry rd in manlius. fishtailing and brakes locked tried to steer out of it and slammed into a guardrail at the top of a driveway going some 25mph… smashed the front real good. old lady driving behind me pulled over and helped. my head had smashed so hard into the rear view mirror that it broke off and was on the passenger side floor. head was bleeding, seat belt bruises, etc. the old lady walked me down the driveway- it was her friend Bunny’s house! they wrapped me up in blankets, put ice on my head, i waited there for help and ended up in the hospital but no real injuries. crazy similar stories. yours is way worse, both good endings.

  3. John Wolfson says:

    yikes! Glad you made it out in one piece. Before I met her, my fiancee flipped her Subaru, rolling over 3 times. Subaru includes a roll cage and side impact bars as standard issue for most of their models. We’ll never drive anything else.

  4. alpinmack says:

    Hey John! I’m glad I survived too. No injuries, except for being sore for a few days. I now drive a Subaru and am glad I haven’t put it through the same test! Cheers!

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