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My family has recently started to make more conscious decisions about what we eat, and where it comes from. This is the second year that we’ve had a vegetable garden in the backyard, and let me tell you. there is a simple satisfaction in just nipping out to the back for all the ingredients for a great salad.

But this year we also joined a CSA. That’s : Community Supported Agriculture. We found a local farm that drops off produce to a local store every week. In the beginning of the season, we bought a share of the farm. We got a half-working share, which means that we get a smaller portion (feeds 1-2 people /wk) of veggies than someone with a full share (3-4/wk). We also got a working share, which means that we will go out to the farm and work in the fields for 12 hours this summer, and in exchange, we get a good amount of money off. so that’s how it works, but anyway…

The farm hosted a potluck dinner for the members, and it was awesome. We took a tour of the farm and got to see each crop tucked neatly away in their respective furrows. Even if you buy your greens at the farmer’s market, this goes a step beyond that, in my view. I LOVED actually seeing exactly where my food comes from. Meeting the man who will pick it. Knowing his name. That’s something you just don’t find too often nowadays. Where does your food come from? Argentina? New Zealand? That’s like 15,000 miles away for fresh grapes/ apples/ etc. How much fossil fuel was spent getting that food to you? Buy local. Buy seasonal. Even buy organic if you can, but I would choose local over organic.

& Democrats.

What would happen if we abolished the (for all intents and purposes) two party system that has ruled the US government for the past few hundred years? What if the Senators voted purely by how their constituents felt and not how they felt personally, or how they were influenced by a lobbyist?

What if we could use technology to actually become the democracy that everyone so craves?

But we are a democracy. you say. Nay. We are a republic. We vote people in to office so that they can represent our views, not theirs, or what would sound better for the next election cycle.

Just think, if we could set it up so any interested citizen could vote on any issue (using news blast e-mails or a common page to announce when they are scheduled for a vote) we could really be a democracy. Of course we would need to have a majority of the population participating, or maybe just a quorum. If the common citizen didn’t like the direction our country was moving in, but hadn’t voted, they would have no right to whine. This system would force people to educate themselves on the issues and really become involved in government and society as a whole. Twenty years ago, this would have been almost impossible to even consider, but now with the saturation of the internet and even mobile wifi, much of the voting population could weigh in on issues that are important to them when they come up for a vote. I think our great nation would be unlocked from the partisan gridlock that continuously gums up the system and be released to achieve our greatest potential.

What do you think? Could it ever work?