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My newest favorite musical genre is Dubstep. For the uninitiated, it’s techno. It’s kind-of like a combination of breakbeat, DNB, and Filthy bass riffs. It sounds like Optimus Prime and Godzilla having a high-speed burping contest under a mile of hydraulic fluid…while firing lasers, and listening to some hip hop beats in the background. Or being scolded by an angry droid for listening to Reggae beats too loud. Either way, pretty awesome stuff.

You can listen for free here at or The best thing is that you can download music for free from both sites and is also a free podcast on iTunes that comes in hour long + DJ mixes.

Here is a typically awesome example:

Another example, that will illustrate the difference of dubstep is this remix of Ke$ha’s Tik Tok. I think you will notice the subtle change from the original pop song.