“Ground Zero” mosque is a bad idea.

Posted: August 23, 2010 in Christian, Politics
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First…I don’t hate Muslims. True, I practice Christianity, but I believe the constitution protects ALL Americans’ right to worship (or not) where and how they will. I just think that placing a mosque, or “Muslim Center” near Ground Zero is a bad idea.


Reality is much different than how people think something should be. I know that Imam Feisal Abdul Rauf  wishes that this Muslim Center will bring people of different faiths together. He hopes to show New Yorkers and the world that not all people who practice Islam are religious extremists bent on slaughtering blue-eyed babies. He intends this center to be a vector of reconciliation. Of healing.

That just won’t happen. The reality in this country is that many people are incensed that this idea is even being considered. The word that jumps to most people’s minds is “betrayal”, not “healing.”

This situation reminds of another time when a religious man with good intentions caused chaos.

In 2003, the bishops of the Episcopal Church elected Gene Robinson, an openly gay man, to the status of Bishop. His intention was to build up the church, and foster of period of openness and understanding. Sound familiar? What ended up happening was almost immediate chaos, a barrage of lawsuits, and people who were on the fence on that particular issue were pulled kicking and screaming onto one side or the other. My point is not that electing a gay bishop was wrong (although that’s an issue for a separate post). My point is that a religious man had good intentions for his actions and wanted to help his faith, where in reality… the opposite happened. The effects of the schism he caused are still being felt today.

I believe this Imam truly has good intentions. There are not going to be any secret terrorist training facilities hidden beneath Ground Zero. But the amount of public outcry at this perceived slight will far outweigh the benefit that he will bring.


  1. From an emotional standpoint, there is no winning in this situation. Emotions run too high.

    There are Mosques all over the country being protested against. It’s not just one that’s built a few blocks from Ground Zero (where Muslims have been worshiping for over a year all ready), it’s Tennessee and Florida and everywhere. People are comfortable with what they think they know, even if all they know is anger. You can’t refuse to build any Mosque, anywhere, because it will do more harm. And if it’s going to be protested everywhere, you might as well build it anywhere. Even among the liquors stores and strip clubs near where the World Trade Centers once stood.

    No one would refuse a Christian Church a few blocks from where the KKK killed thousands of innocent black men, because people in this country have a reasonable understanding on Christianity – enough to differentiate the extremists. They do not have this about Islam.

    Some argue they’d never let Christians build a church in Saudi Arabia. Well, guys, that’s the point.

  2. alpinmack says:

    Thanks for the input. It sounds like you got my point. Whether or not the intentions of the Imam are good, trying to heal memories by placing something associated (however tenuously) with the people that brought the Twin Towers down right at that spot will fail. Too many people think of it as a callous slap in the face, and not a real gesture towards forgiveness.
    Maybe once we get a little less dependent on the Arab world for oil, things will change. Maybe not.

    I want to do another post on here about how many Muslims are killed by Muslim extremists. I think if Americans saw the vast majority of gentle, peaceful Muslims denouncing their own far-right extremists, it would go a long way towards softening the Muslim image in the USA. I thank God nearly everyday that I live somewhere that I don’t have to fear a suicide bomber every time I go to the store, or to church, or out to vote.

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