My shovel for gravel driveways

Posted: February 27, 2010 in design, Money/ wealth
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When we moved in to our new house, our new gravel driveway made shoveling a big chore. My big push shovel dug right in to the rocks and stuck fast. So I got creative and came up with a good solution for less than $30. I got two replacement lawnmower wheels, a threaded rod for the axle, and some copper pipe supports. Now I have a wheeled-shovel that glides right over the gravel. I adjusted the height so that there’s about an inch of clearance between the blade and the ground. Sure it leaves an inch of snow on the driveway, but that’s much better than struggling with rocks and spreading gravel all over the grass. Here’s some pics.

  1. Scott says:

    Hey there, so i love this idea and we’re in the same predicament with a gravel driveway. I ran out to Lowes/Home Depot to get the parts for this and I believe I got everything necessary with the exception of one part. The Axle. Maybe i’m asking for the wrong thing when i walk up to employees there but they all seemed to suggest they didn’t carry ‘axles’ for the lawn mower wheels they sold. You say in the description it’s a ‘threaded rod’.

    1) What store did you find yours at ?
    2) Should i be referring to it as something else ?

    Thanks so much, genius ! 🙂


  2. alpinmack says:

    Hi Scott. Thanks. You probably should have asked them for threaded rod. It’s not really made to be an axle, but it works fine that way. You can ask a store employee where they are, but this is what I was referring to. Good luck building!

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