School diciplines students over joining a Facebook group, at home.

Posted: January 26, 2010 in Uncategorized
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Roxboro Road middle school, a local school in the area has just disciplined several students with after-school detention because they joined/ created a group on Facebook that criticizes a teacher. Now, regardless of what they may have said online, these kids were not on school grounds when they engaged in this activity. They were at home, on their own computers, after school hours. The big issue then becomes, does the school have a right to discipline students for what they do or say on their own time, off school property?


Even if the comments made about this particular teacher were mean-spirited, derogatory, and potentially libelous, the school still does not have any authority to punish students for what they do on their own time. One father of a seventh-grader who was punished just for becoming a “fan” of the page, is upset and challenged the board. You can read the article and see the video here.

Some solutions for the school may have been: call the parent and talk about different ways to monitor their child’s internet use. Talk about respecting their elder. Maybe speak with the teacher and know that these are some issues that they need to address in a parent- teacher conference. But they cannot take it upon themselves to punish the kids for something they did at home.

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