Along with my new roof, I just installed a Solatube skylight. Our bathroom is the only room in the house with no windows. It had one originally, but someone covered it up with a tub-surround years ago. The room is a cave. Even in the middle of the day, you need to turn on the light. So I thought it would be an ideal application of a small tubular skylight. Now it’s bright enough that we only need the light in the mornings and at night. Hopefully we can recoup the money in energy savings, but it will take some time. I went with Solatube and not Suntunnel by Velux or another brand because from everything I’ve read and seen, Solatube is the best. I was certainly impressed with the quality of their product. The inside of the metal tubing is like a mirror! I thought it would just be painted silver or something, but it is literally a mirror. Plus they have good customer service. The day I got home and opened the box, I found that the dome had been cracked in shipping. I called and they were very nice over the phone and I received a new dome in two weeks, free of charge. I got the more expensive model because you can take a 30% tax credit this year. So really, the $300 model is less expensive than the $250 model that does not qualify for the credit. Here are the before and after pictures. Each picture was taken around noon without a flash. Keep in mind this is November in the Northern hemisphere and the Solatube is on the North face of the roof. I imagine it will be brighter come summertime.









  1. John Izzo says:

    Great pictures. You did a nice job on the install both in the bathroom and on the roof.

    As a Solatube dealer, I thought Id give you a couple tips that might help bring more light in to the bathroom.

    Since you have chosen a northern exposure for the tube, it appears as though you are going to have some shading issues ( mostly in the winter season).

    You may want to consider raising the tube up ( using turret extensions). If you can get the tube up a couple feet you may benefit by having the dome receive more south light and also looks like you may have some shading issues on the west side where the roof pitches up some. Still, a room that has no windows is going to benefit from the light no matter the exposure.

    As an fyi. Solatube Daylighting Systems could have been positioned to be placed on the south facing exposure on the roof. There may have been reasons that you chose not to do this ( ie aesthetics ( not wanting on front of house) or something structural in the way.

    I hope that you are enjoying you Solatube Daylighting System. If you have any questions, feel free to call me at 800-846-6621 or visit our website at


  2. alpinmack says:

    Thanks John, I will look into a turret extension. The reason I put it on the north face is twofold. One, it’s straight up and made the install pretty easy, and two, I am unemployed right now and 15 ft. of extension tubing can be pretty pricey. But, you’re right, South is definitely the way to go. Any light in that room is a plus though. We keep on reaching for the light to switch it off when we walk out, but the light IS off. It’s just the Solatube. If I was in the San Fransisco area, I would order from you, but seeing as how I’m in upstate NY, it would be quite a drive. Plus there’s a dealer right in town.

  3. John Izzo says:

    Understandable. A 15′ run can be pricey. The more economic way to go would be the turret extension.

    If you are reaching to turn the light out, the Solatube is working very well! I have many customers that do the same thing.

    Solatube is good about placing dealers in major population areas. Good to see you have one so close 🙂

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