Climate change. Does it exist? Yes. Can we do something about it? Maybe. What the world needs now (besides love, as they say) is concerted action. We need to educate people on the true consequences of their actions, and what they can do to reduce their impact on the planet. For a few things you can do individually, check these out:

1) Live close to work & play. I know that for many people, they are settled in to where they are living. But the average American only lives in a house for seven years. So you still may be able to do this at some point in the future. Look at where you live now, and how far you commute. Can you live closer to where you work? Can you get a new job closer to where you live? When my wife and I were buying our first home, we took this into consideration. We decreased her commute time from 30 minutes to 20 minutes, and I was close enough to ride my bike to work most days.

2) Ride a bike. If you are physically able to ride a bike to do short errands, do it. Many car trips in the U.S. are for distance of less than a mile. Have to run down to the drugstore for something small? Take a bike. This alone will reduce your carbon footprint a great deal. Plus it may be quicker. What? you ask incredulously. Yes. My commute was 12 minutes by car and 7 minutes by bike…because of all the traffic. I can always go to the front of the line at a ed light, and speed by cars that are bumper to bumper.

3) Get an energy audit for your home. Many companies that deal in windows, insulation, or heating will offer these for free. A technician will come in and go around your house check for leaks. Not leaks from water in pipes, places where heat is leaking out. They seal off your front door with a big plastic gasket with a fan inside. This creates negative pressure in the house, so any place where heat would have been going out is now coming in. They use a thermal IMG_0251imaging camera to spot areas of cold. (white is hot, black is cold. You can see in the picture that the bottom panel of our back door is very cold, and cold air is seeping in underneath the door.) It was very cool to follow him around and see cold seeping in through the baseboards and around the door to the attic. Then I knew exactly where to seal with caulk or expanding foam. We also got our furnace replaced with a 95% efficient model and insulated all the exterior walls with blown-in cellulose insulation. This cut our utility bills in half! I wrote in more detail about that here.

There are so many other things you can do, so I will say that the biggest one is:

4) Read. Educate yourself on how you can live a better life for yourself, and the environment. You’re doing it right now! There are tons of simple things you can do. There are also things that many people believe will affect the climate a great deal, but actually don’t.

I focused on only one small part of the climate change issue, but there are myriad facets to this. I expect to read posts from other people doing Blog Action Day today about how coastal regions may be affected, our food supply, desertification, water shortages, international policy changes, new advancements in science, and much more. So just try and do your part, and we can make some change for the good of us all.

For more info, go here:

  1. Klem says:

    I’ve been looking around at dozens of Climate Action Day blogs and find almost no one is posting anything. So by the end of the day, out of 8000 blogs there should be at least 20 or 30 posts. Where is everybody? Where is the big support for the Copenhagen Climate and Social Control Negotiations? There is no support anymore other than you.

    Yay Blog Action day! Big success…Wahoo..

  2. alpinmack says:

    Thanks Klem. I wrote most of my post a few weeks ago and it’s been sitting as a draft. I guess I was just well-prepared. All I did this morning was touch it up and hit POST.

  3. Canada Guy says:

    Good suggestions. Here’s my post for Blog Action Day:

    Everyone else go make one too!

  4. alpinmack says:

    Thanks Canada guy. Your post is pretty nice too. You take more of the expansive view I was talking about. Nice job. I like the Iroquois quote too.

  5. Canada Guy says:

    Thanks alpinmack!

  6. I have done all that I could to reduce my energy useage. I have not done this to affect the climate. I don’t think we can change it that much. Being in enginering most of my life I have gain some interesting facts about the climate. History can show that our cliamate has been on a 250 year cycle. A prominate sciectist once wrote that the moon has a 250 year cycle where it gets closer to the earth every 250 years, this causes the oceans current to change causing the cycle in temperatures. I think this sounds resonable. Man is too arigant to believe that he could do it.

  7. alpinmack says:

    Thanks for commenting Angelo. I somewhat agree with you. But I think that the activities of humans HAS affected the climate to a degree. I should also point out that another reason I try and reduce my carbon footprint is that it helps me save $money$. And in this economy, anything to help shave off a few dollars is a good thing. Within reason.

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