Worst in-flight movies

Posted: October 5, 2009 in Travel
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On my trip to Australia, I experienced the worst selection of in-flight movies, ever.

The first was Titanic: a disaster movie about travel where most of the passengers die.

The second was Lost in Space: A travel movie about navigation error while in flight.

The third was Armegeddon: In which the world’s most advanced aircraft, the space shuttle, explodes.

Great job flight crew. I really feel much safer flying now.

  1. toothsculptor says:

    HAHAHAHAHAHAHA… What did you flew with? Fly asian airliners, they tend to serve you better.

  2. alpinmack says:

    I’m not sure. It was 11 years ago. I have yet to find cause to fly an Asian airline, but I would like to travel there at some point in the future. That’s on hold until my son is older.

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