Tweed Jacket fixation for writer

Posted: September 22, 2009 in Art, Books, Money/ wealth, sci-fi, writing
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I have a weird mental checkbox that I feel must be filled for me to be a successful writer. I must own a tweed jacket with leather elbow pads. I know what you’re thinking, “Yup, that’s pretty weird.” and “Didn’t he already write a whole novel without this magical elbow padded jacket?”

Well I have good news to report. I am now a successful writer. The other day, I filled in said mental checkbox by purchasing the perfect tweed jacket at the Thrifty Shopper. It was $6.99, but it had a purple tag, so it was 40% off. Not that this makes a difference, but my Mom saw that it was an Evan-Picone and speculated that it was quite pricey. So I got a $150 sports jacket for $4.19. Sweet.

Tweed Jacket

But back to the main point. Why would I feel the need to own a tweed jacket with leather elbow pads in the first place; and, have it be connected with a successful writing career? The short answer is: I don’t know. The long answer is: Maybe at some point I associated some famous/ favorite author of mine with this style and it made an impression on me. The only one that jumps to mind is J.R.R. Tolkien, but I can’t be sure he owned one of these style monstrosities. I just have this vision in my head of a venerable novelist sitting in front of an audience to give a reading. Maybe he is sitting in a leather chair, maybe a pipe sits on a separate marble end-table with cherry flavored smoke idly twirling through the air. He finishes the reading and people are clapping wildly. The leather elbow pads squeak against the rich red leather of the armchair as he gets up to acknowledge their praise. I suppose this is my yardstick for writing success. If that’s true, I’ll be waiting a long time. Thoughts?

  1. Congratulations on your successes as a writer!

  2. exuvia says:

    Did you intend the colorful burst of shapes from your hand as you took the photo? The hand seems to belong to Merlin.

    I have the tweed jacket. Love it. But I haven’t earned the right to put leather patches on the elbows. That is a writers privilege. You do not have to ask the guy: “are you a writer?” It shows. This code of honor ranks next to the hidden hand of the Freemasons.

  3. alpinmack says:

    slgreatsuccess, Thanks.

    Exuvia, I fear you indulge me too much. I know it’s an odd mental quirk I have, but there’s no need to unleash your wit on me.

    The shapes are from Andrew’s nursery wall. I painted them based on the grunge art/ vector art style that I enjoy online.

    Wait, I mean…yes, they are bursting forth from my hand like the power I instill into the written word. Yeah…that.

  4. exuvia says:

    I like the vector art style shapes. They are very alive. I just thought you might not have noticed the nice effect.

    I love my tweed jacket, really do, and I enjoy the symbolisms we give to our objects.

    If any wit was unleashed it was on me. You have your book written, I am terribly behind. I thought I could amuse myself over my own short coming; so well symbolized in my lack of elbow leather patches. I simply have a lot of work ahead of me and now I will remember.

    May the power of the muse instill magic into your next writing project.


  5. alpinmack says:

    You know we have a kidding type of repartee. I forgot you were writing a book. Please remind me what it’s about. The hardest part is just finding time to sit down and write. And the writing too.

    And thanks for the encouragement for my next novel. I started it a few days ago but a lot of the characters need more development. The story is pretty awesome though. It takes place in the far future as humanity tries to colonize another star system. They meet some hazardous but non-intelligent locals, but their biggest challenge may be something they never thought to plan for. Duh duh dunnnnnn.

  6. exuvia says:

    I’m having these ideas on this and that and have jotted them down for the last few years. One is about a particular myth; won’t go into details as I don’t seem to find my cabala when I state my intentions.Speaking it out seems to work the opposite for me.

    It is interesting how you build your characters, mine I find in old books and they are hardly human.

    Looks like I’m light years away from getting my elbow patches. You won’t get a date for my visit to the tailor yet.

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