Posted: August 29, 2009 in baby, Family, Food, Parenting
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Time for a cute baby update. A few mornings ago, I was drinking my coffee as usual. Andrew had his sippy cup. I took a long swig and when I put the mug down, went “Ahhhhhh” in satisfaction. Andrew promptly picked up his sippy cup, drank some milk, put it down, and went “Ahhhhh.”

Now every time he takes a drink from his cup, he says, “Ahhhh.” I rate it a 9 on the cuteness scale.

  1. exuvia says:

    “Dear God, please make me like you, because my son wants to be like me.”

  2. alpinmack says:

    Exuvia, nice to see you again. Yes, that is a good prayer for me. I hope Andrew will grow up to be like me in some ways, but definitely not in others. He has already started golfing as well.

  3. exuvia says:

    You can spot a child golfer the moment a potato is teed away on a plate. A good swing with the number 5 spoon and away it flies. Talent comes in the genes.

    You are up for a green fee.

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