Dr. Karen Beckman M.D. is a frustrating cog of a broken medical system

Posted: June 3, 2009 in baby, Family, Health/ Wellness, Parenting
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(bear with me…this is a venting post)

We went to go get my 1 year old son’s shots updated yesterday. The last time we were in the office, we told the staff there that the next time we came, we wouldn’t have health insurance because my situation had changed at work. She, and the lady out front both assured us that NY has a program that will insure that every child is immunized, free of charge. So we made the next appointment.

When we got to the doctor’s office yesterday, we reminded the nurse of this fact. She said that the doctor wanted to see our son since he just turned a year and it would be a Well Child visit. We told her again that we couldn’t do that because we had no insurance. We just came for the shots, which the staff assured us would be free. The nurse left the tiny exam room flustered and came back to ask if we wanted to talk to someone in billing, since the doctor really needed to see our son today. We said yes exasperately and waited. The billing lady comes in and asks us if we want to use a month by month payment plan for the visit today which is $120. We repeat our story to her, that we’re only here for the free shots and cannot afford to pay for a full doctors visit. She leaves and the original nurse comes back in. She tells us that we can certainly have the free shots, but that the doctor would need to approve them. To do that, she would need to see the baby…which would be $120. We take a deep breath and tell her again that the only reason we drove all that way out there was to get the free shots and cannot afford to have the doctor tell us that our baby is perfectly healthy. The nurse appologizes that “someone out front must have given us the wrong information” like it was our fault. So we walked out of that greedy doctors office. I don’t want to go back.

So think twice if you want to use Karen Beckman M.D. of 4978 Brittonfield Pkwy East Syracuse, NY 13057
Phone: (315) 463-1600. Just say no.

The truth is, yes, we could have afforded it, but the principal of the thing struck us as wrong. Why tell someone that something is free to lure them out to your office, then tell them that the only way to get this “free” service, is to pay $120.

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