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I don’t know why I haven’t been keeping up on this. Oh I know…the “King of Pop” died. Leave it to our media to show nonstop coverage of Michael Jackson for days when our foreign policies and worldwide feeling for the US are about to change. Tonight, most US troops will be out of Iraqi cities. The citizens there are ecstatic, as I would be when a Foreign power relinquishes control over my country. I hope that we have trained them well enough that our time there won’t have been for nothing.

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This is the putter I want. It looks like a spaceship, and being a sci-fi fan, I want it. It’s an Odyssey White Hot XG Teron. I put very well with it…in the store.


Golf is my current obsession

Posted: June 22, 2009 in Sports
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So I go through phases. Something comes along and I become infatuated with it for a few months, then it kind of fizzles out. Right now, it’s golf. I played a few times last year and had a good time. Mind you, my score is almost always terrible, but I have fun. I consistently get 39+ over par when I play 18. If my putting is good, my iron works stinks. If I can hit well with my irons, I choke off the tee.

I spend a considerable amount of time thinking about what I might do to be better next time, even if I only get out on the course once a month. For example, even though I am a beginner, and should learn how to get a consistent swing first, I am going to buy a used (but much newer than my Uncle’s) driver tomorrow. Whenever I use my current driver, I hit it badly. The few times that I’ve used my friends modern oversize driver, my shots are much more consistently good, or at least longer. I will then proceed to the local driving range and blast a bucket of balls all over the place. Worm burners that go 20 feet then stop. Massive hooks, wide slices, and hopefully some straight drives.

Because really, golf is all about hope. I hope I can do better next time. I hope my new club makes some noticable improvement in my game. I hope my wife will let me go golfing this weekend.

Pure03Resveratrol3DI want to explore the different methods available for life extension technology. Now, this post could be a pages-long research paper, or I could do what most bloggers do and make up half-remembered facts from Wikipedia. I will strive to strike a balance between these two extremes and present information in short but accurate form. (more…)

You may ask why I post my old school papers on my blog. Well, because I wrote them and I’m proud of my writing. Even if I wrote them when I was 17 and they’re about stories or books people haven’t read before. I was surprised that a piece I wrote about Jordan Baker in “The Great Gatsby” is one of my most popular posts. The popularity peaks around when finals are due, so I finally got the correlation. I now have a blurb about how plagiarizing is wrong at the top. Anyway, I figure that I spent a week or so researching a paper in high school, so I may as well share that bit of writing with others. If people want to copy it, that’s on them. I am flattered to be used as a source, but don’t condone cheating. One might argue that it’s similar to giving away guns while saying you’re against murder. The thing is, if I took my time to handcraft a beautiful weapon, I would want to share it. A gun can just as easily provide a family with food as kill someone, but the manufacturer shouldn’t be blamed for other people’s choices. I understand that this is a limited argument. A well written essay is usually written for a good reason, whereas assault rifles are made, not for hunting deer, but killing people. Cigarettes are another example of an item that is manufactured for a less than healthy purpose. This is a case where one might hold the maker to some standard of responsibility for their actions.

Wow that got off track. Anyway, enjoy my old essays. And remember, if you plagerize, you’re only cheating yourself.

Dan Mumford                                                                                                            3-1-04

Western Civ. 103                                                                            A Journey Through Time.

You watch with detached curiosity as the scientist is making his preparations. Amid the transistor coils and laser defragmenters, you make out a form huddled over a keyboard and hear a voice saying, “Ready?”  In 5…4…3…2… Zap! (more…)


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By Dan Mumford

Dr. Karen Dhanda


Glasgow, Scotland is a city that has withstood the ravages of time, war, fire, epidemics, class struggle, and economic collapse to emerge as one of Britain’s premier cities in all respects. From its meager beginnings as a fishing village on the river Clyde, Glasgow used its position on the west coast of Scotland to trade with the American colonies and jumpstart its own industrial revolution. (more…)

That is the question.

I have been straightedge for 13 years. That is: No drugs, alcohol, or promiscuous sex. But now I am questioning my beliefs. Did I even have any?

I am Christian and so you may think, “Oh, well you don’t drink because of your religious beliefs, like many other christians I know.” But I would say no. Jesus’ first miracle was turning water into wine, so he obviously supports drinking alcohol. Now, don’t misunderstand me, the bible says not to over-indulge, but it also doesn’t say no wine at all.

I was also heavily involved with the Hardcore Music scene of the late 90’s in Syracuse which was predominantly straightedge and vegan. I subscribed to those values easily and have since seen many of my friends “lose their edge” and drink. I was never vegan though, I just love meat too much. Mmmm steak.

So why now? I was having dinner with my wife and she wanted some wine that my godmother had given us as a housewarming gift. She seemed to enjoy it and asked if I wanted any. I (of course) said no, but I thought it was odd of her to ask. She’s known me for years, and that is one fact about me that has not changed. I just don’t drink alcohol. We even have a funny story from when we were in Germany. We were visiting some of Opa’s friends and they asked if I would like some wine. I said, “Nien danke, Ich bin anti-alcohol.” They just couldn’t comprehend that someone wouldn’t drink since that is a big part of the culture over there. So the wife said, “OK, I’ll just pour a little bit then.” It’s like that scene in “My Big Fat Greek Wedding” with that aunt who is astounded that the guy doesn’t eat meat. “OK, I make lamb instead!” But it got me to thinking, why not. I’m grown up. I’m not going to get plastered. Hmmmm.

So why do I not drink? Back in high school, I chose not to, to avoid binge drinking at parties and the casual sex that could result from said drinking. The Hardcore scene supported my choice and provided a strong sense of unity and belonging. “We are strong because we choose not to pollute our bodies and minds.” But part of me wonders that the real reason I don’t is that I have a semi-addictive personality and I’m scared I might turn out to be an alcoholic. Are you surprised? Have you seen me in one of my phases? Like the straight razors, or pirates, or martial arts, or…

I also think that, Well, I’ve been drug free all these years, it would be a shame to throw that away. Plus alcohol is just another thing for me to spend money on when we go out. Water is always cheaper than beer. (from the sips I had when I was 14, I remember not liking beer, or scotch, which is blasphemy from someone who identifies himself as Scottish)

Why do I WANT to drink? I suppose that I associate it with being grown up, having a glass of wine with supper. My cousin also brews his own beer and I always feel like I’m insulting him by not trying his creations, even though he knows that I don’t drink. There is also a huge amount of medical evidence that red wine is good for you, but on the other hand, I could just take Resveratrol supplements and get the same benifits. I also feel that I am somehow missing out on the pleasure of well made drinks. I certainly enjoy drinking a great many things. Coffee, tea, juice, fruit smoothies, etc. Conversly, there are so many styles of coffee and tea that I could be happy for years drinking the different varieties that just those two beverages have to offer.

So what should I do? I guess for now, I will continue in my sobriety until something changes. I don’t have a strong urge to drink and now that I started taking resveratrol, I don’t have anything to gain from the benefits of wine. One pill equals the amount of reveratrol in 200 glasses of wine, without the damage to your liver.

What do you think?

So here’s a quick update:

I had my first glass of wine at Easter dinner this year (2011.) (I bought the bottle for my wife for Valentines Day and kinda forgot she was pregnant so we had to wait to share a glass) It was ok, not great. I didn’t get drunk. I didn’t feel a magical bubble pop in my psyche. I didn’t feel my cells rejoice about their shot of resveratrol. A few weeks a ago I attended a wedding at a vineyard. I had 2 &1/2 glasses and may have felt a tiny buzz, but that may have been a headache from the sulphites. I also had a beer at a family BBQ and experienced the same “meh” feeling. I could not imagine myself drinking 5 or 6 of them in a row.

So that’s it. I do drink now, but I’ve still never been drunk and don’t really plan to be.

Why did I start now? Well, I’m 30 now so I guess I qualify as “grown up.” I feel like I should be able to have a glass of wine if I want to. An old friend and I were talking about this topic a few weeks after I had my first sip and he said, “Don’t let labels define you. You have enough of them that other people place on you as it is.” Being “straightedge” isn’t as vital to me now as it was. I’m not suddenly going to start doing black tar heroine or anything, but I feel like I shouldn’t feel bad about trying my cousin’s homemade ale, or sharing in a champagne toast at a wedding.

What do you think?

Dan Mumford        11-15-04

Ophelia compared between

William Shakespeare’s “Hamlet” and

“Sweet Prince, The Passion of Hamlet”

By Douglas Brode


(bear with me…this is a venting post)

We went to go get my 1 year old son’s shots updated yesterday. (more…)


My son just turned one and he is a prodigious climber. He is a beast of a baby too. He doesn’t even use his legs to climb up onto chairs. He just grabs both edges and pulls himself up using only his arms. It’s beginning to be a problem because he is so quick that if we don’t see him for 20 seconds, he will be up the stairs, climbing the toilet, and IN the sink banging on the mirror. I’m so glad that I keep my straight razors in a separate rack high up off the floor. It is becoming very tiring keeping up with him all day. He’s also starting to walk too so maybe that will tire him out just enough that we can catch our breath.