Literary Coincidences

Posted: April 13, 2009 in Books, writing
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Have you ever been reading something only to have a particular word, phrase, or topic jump out at you because you have just seen or heard it elsewhere? I had two recently.

Yesterday I was blown away by a literary coincidence. I’m reading “Infoquake” by David Louis Edelman, and on page 181 is the scene where Natch meets Surina in the infinite library and she says, “You haven’t read your Borges, have you?” Guess what other book I am reading right now? Ficciones by Borges!!! Crazy! Granted I finished that particular short story last week but still. Pretty cool.

And another one:

I put down “MultiReal,” (also by David Louis Edelman) last night so my wife and I could watch a movie. We picked Mary Shelly’s Frankenstein since she teaches it in her English class and has never seen it. (plus since it’s about rising from the dead, I thought it would fit nicely with Easter) I stopped reading in the middle of the page.
After the movie, I picked up the book again. The last line of the first paragraph ended with “…cobbled together like some sort of virtual Frankenstein.” Dun Dun Duhhhhhh!

I know I’ve had others too, I just can’t remember specifically. Like I’m reading and someone says, “grilled cheese.” the same time that I read the words “grilled cheese.” What about you?

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