No Choice

Posted: March 23, 2009 in baby, Christian, Health/ Wellness, Music, Politics
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This is a song I wrote in ’96. Since abortion seems to be a hot issue right now, I thought I’d publish it here. The song focuses on Vegans and Vegetarians in the hardcore scene who say that they support abortion. This gives a little more backstory on my beliefs regarding murdering babies. As with any inflammatory issue, I expect people to have vastly different opinions on this subject. Please leave your comments, but keep it civil.

No Choice

You say that you are vegan

And protect the animals’ rights

But when asked your views on abortion

You say that you are pro-choice

No choice

You say that you’re vegan and stand up

For animal rights, yet you give the O.K.

To slaughter innocent  human life

Conscious beings immersed in their mother’s

Womb, they have as much right to live

As the animals that you protect

Thousands of cattle

Cannot make up

For one slaughtered

Human life

There is no


For what

You believe

  1. Mihaela says:

    Hello, is your song published somewhere?
    I like his message.
    Do you have a clip with it?


  2. alpinmack says:

    Thanks Mihaela. It was published briefly on a cassette tape for our band’s demo album in 1998. Otherwise, no. It’s not published anywhere. It’s a rather heavy metalcore song that starts off easy with a folky clean intro, then increasing dissonance and grinding muted power chords and all out chaos, if that gives you any idea. Fun times.

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