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This is just what I need! Genetics strikes again. Do you ever wonder why sharks can regrow their teeth so that they have multiple rows of backups and why humans can’t? Well now scientists may have an answer. The Osr2 gene. Sign me up.

wierd egg skin

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Andrew The Cruiser

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Andrew has been cruising around for the last month or so. I think he will walk before 10 months. It is a challenge making sure he doesn’t get into things he shouldn’t. We are still in the middle of baby-proofing, All the outlets are plugged and the cleaning stuff is up out of reach, but we still need more cabinets locks. Anyway, I just thought I’d put up a new pic.

Chapter 2 of my novel Downfall

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Chapter 2. Two months ago. (more…)

My knife display

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img_17111So I finally put up my knives that have been locked in a foot locker since I’ve been married. I don’t know why. I just got in a mood, and my wife was out of the house : )  The top one is the Kraken, immediately below that is the Egyptian one, and then the Leviathan is on the bottom. I forget what the two on the left side are called. We have a new-ish baby so I had to put them somewhere up high. They are mounted on the wall above the window in the stairwell. I can almost reach the bottom one on my tippee toes so I think they’re baby proof. I also jumped up and down and slammed the wall a few times to see if any of them would fall down, but they’re solid.

I think that the possessions you own ought to be either functional, beautiful, or both. These may not be “functional” per se. ( I couldn’t imagine chopping an onion with them) But I think they have a certain beauty to them.

Synth Battle

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My new favorite commercial.

scattered activity

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I am doing so much these days. I feel like there is no time to finish anything because I am interested in everything. Right now I am:

reading several books (that might be a problem right there)

writing a book (huge time/ mind suck)

making a scabbard for my broadsword (I’m a dork, I know)

updating my blog (right here)

building my online personality for future exposure as a writer (one can dream)

needing to do the taxes

needing to do the dishes/clean office/ etc

watch LOST (yeah, I know, shouldn’t be a  priority)

AND OF COURSE, spend time with my Wife and baby boy.



a novel

By Dan Mumford

Chapter 1. Present (2400 A.D.)

She rolled around the corner just as the security bot brought its lasers (more…)