stupid games at work…urinal ninja

Posted: January 27, 2009 in ninja, Uncategorized
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I play little games at work sometimes. One of them is Urinal Ninja. Can you use it without tripping the sensor? I can.

What games do you play?

Note on Urinal Ninja, which I can sense will be the next internet craze sweeping college dorms everywhere: The ninja must be close enough to use the urinal normally (no ten foot arcs splashing on the floor) but also in such a way as to not trip the sensor. Sideways, from the ceiling, etc. If you make a mess for the custodial staff, you lose.

  1. alpinmack says:

    Some comments from other places:

    Girl: urinal ninja….. HAHA thats both gross and hilarious.

    Me: just what I was going for!

    Boy: looking forward to the ninja game…does it take practice or is it pure skill in marksmanship

    Me: I’m obviously going to have to put some rules up. And yes, it’s pure skill. But not at the expense of sanitation.

    Girl: I’ll sit this game out

    Me: I could say something really funny, but also really inappropriate with that.

    Girl: mmmm hmmmmm

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