2007 reading list, with reviews!

Posted: November 19, 2008 in Books
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2007…………………………………………………………… 42 !

Good debt, Bad debt Jon Hanson

“Good debt, Bad debt” by Jon Hanson. Very good book about money management. He wrote it when he was on his death-bed. Basically, don’t go into debt unless it will pay off for you later. Ex. Debt for a school loan which will allow you to get an $80,000 a year job. Good debt. Country club membership and a brand new Mercedes AMG. Bad debt.

The Diamond Age (or A young ladies illustrated primer.) Neal Stephenson

Quote-left“The Diamond Age’ by Neal Stephenson. Cool book. Set a few hundred years in the future, this goes in depth into different ways people set up new ways to cope with civilization. Some people thought that since our current model didn’t work, they needed to look farther back and copied the Victorians. So these Neo-Victorians are a big influential clan in the Hong Kong area. But mostly the book is about a guttersnipe who happens upon this wonderful book and what happens when she is raised by it. Basically, a wealthy Lord commissioned this book from a skilled nanotechnologist who programed it to raise young neo-victorian girls with a certain counter-cultural bent. The old Lord wanted to corrupt his granddaughter just a little bit. You know, tell her fairy tales where people actually die. And how to sword fight and so on. So she won’t just be a normal girl but a self-empowered young woman who knows about the way the world works more than naive compatriots. Very cool book. Also, this one challenged my vocabulary. The author used alot of words I didn’t know. Words like vituperative and insouciantly. Fungible and demesne.

The Pirates! In an adventure with Ahab Gideon Defoe

The Pirates! In an adventure with Communists Gideon Defoe

Snow Crash Neal Stephenson

Quote-left“Snow Crash” by Neal Stephenson. An awesome cyberpunk novel. I would say, better than Neuromancer. The main character’s name is Hiro Protagonist. How cool is that. He’s a hacker who doesn’t believe in guns so he uses a samurai sword instead. Remember, when you’re surrounded by millions of zombies, swords don’t run out of ammo! This is a crazy look into the nearer future when America is one big commercial strip mall controlled by powerful franchises. The Mafia has a lucrative pizza delivery business and if the pizza is late, the mob Boss will personally Kill the driver. A must for any cyberpunk fan

The Volunteer Revolution Bill Hybels

Quote-left“The Volunteer Revolution” by Bill Hybels. I had to read this one for work but it’s a great tool for churches or organizations who want to get the most out of their volunteers. It is Christian centered but would apply to any situation. How to interest, motivate, and keep effective volunteers.

Millennium Ben Bova

How to Buy the Home You Want (For the best price in any market) Terry Eilers

A very comprehensive guide to buying a house.

1000 Best Homebuying Secrets Michael Flynn

This book is also a great asset when buying a house. I made a really big list of stuff to ask my real estate agent that helped out a lot.

The Iraq Study Group Report (The Way Forward –- A New Approach) James A. Baker & Lee H. Hamilton

The Algebraist Iain M. Banks

The Left Hand of Darkness Ursula K. Le Guin

Mortgages 101 David Reed

The Mortgage Answer Book John Talamo

A Survival Guide for Buying a Home Sid Davis

Use of Weapons Iain M. Banks

Rendezvous with Rama Arthur C. Clarke

Good to Great Jim Collins

Good to Great and the Social Sectors Jim Collins

Ringworld 6-11-07 Larry Niven

Rama II 6-28-07 Gentry Lee & Arthur C. Clarke

Cryptonomicon 7-16-07 Neal Stephenson

Count Zero 7-20-07 William Gibson

Harry Potter & the Deathly Hallows 7-23-07 J K Rowling

Th1rte3n 8-3-07 Richard K. Morgan

Another great Richard K. Morgan book! It’s got all the hip, dark atmosphere, gritty realism, and high body count of his former books but is very different as well. An interesting view of the near future for the USA. It got into politics a little bit but not as much as a Ken MacLeod book does. Carl Marsalis is a cool departure from Takeshi. I liked the martial art developed for low gravity situations.

Mona Lisa Overdrive 8-16-07 William Gibson

The Engines of God 8-24-07 Jack McDevitt

Between Planets 8-26-07 Robert A. Heinlein

Assignment in Eternity 9-1-07 Robert A. Heinlein

Variable Star 9-6-07 Spider Robinson & Robert A. Heinlein

Friday 9-11-07 Robert A. Heinlein

Natural Vision Improvement 10-1-07 Janet Goodrich

Revelation Space 10-2-07 Alastair Reynolds

Eyerobics 10-4-07 Marilyn Roy

Redemption Ark Alastair Reynolds

Absolution Gap Alastair Reynolds

Diamond Dogs, Turquoise Days Alastair Reynolds

Starship Troopers Robert A Heinlein

Lucifer’s Hammer Larry Niven

Quote-leftSlow start, slow middle, good ending. I thought he really captured people reactions to the end of civilization well. Scary idea. Makes me want to stock up. Glad I’m in-land and live on a hill near water.

The Home Energy Diet: How to Save Money By Making Your House Energy-smart Paul Scheckel

New Father’s Panic Book G. Williams

Ender’s Game 12-28-07 Orson Scott Card

I was happy to find a book that was hard to put down. The whole idea of the plot and putting 6 year olds through Military Academy was really interesting and captivated me. On to the second one in the series!

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