No more cameras destroyed by adventure!

Posted: November 10, 2008 in climbing, mountain, Sports, Travel, Uncategorized, whitewater
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I believe I can finally say I found the solution to my cameras doing badly on my various adventures.img_14961


This is my new Pelican Case! I now have a waterproof, moisture-proof, crush-proof place to store my video camera. There are also spots for: an extra battery, my phone, an extra tape, and my Canon Elph as well. I got this because my video camera has seen some rough times over the years documenting my various adventures. Whether it was filming surfing on the beach during a hurricane (wind, salt water, sand) to filming ice climbing in the high peaks (wind, snow, freezing temps) to snowboarding (sudden falls, being buried in snow) to whitewater kayaking (water, snow, river slime). Hopefully this precaution will prevent some of the extensive maintenance I have had to do with this camera. The lens has frozen shut twice and the zoom was stuck from a combination of salt and moisture.

  1. John Peters says:

    Awesome. Pelican cases can’t be beat for camera gear. I got one not to long ago myself. What color is that one? I’ve didn’t know they came in green.

    These camera cases are also pretty cool.

  2. alpinmack says:

    Yeah, it’s Olive Drab green. I saw it as a color choice on the pelican website. It’s a “special” color so it took a little longer to ship but I thought it was pretty cool. I might stencil some more designs on the outside too. Thanks.

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