Snow and Frost

Posted: October 3, 2008 in writing
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Two cold poems

“Snow” 12/11/99

Snow glorious snow

It makes me happy. It makes me hard.

Sliding curvaceous down

Silky white mounds

Anticipation building higher

Higher higher yes yes

I shiver

White comes dripping down

Falling on my ice cold love

The cold wind bites, but I bite back

I get no slack from freezing, thawing

My love goes falling Flowing down

Into the earth, a slow rebirth

I wait I wax I pine divine be mine all time



At the end of autumn

When the air is cold

You see the frosty morning

And this, I’ve been told

Way up in the heavens

Mighty snow giants play

Waiting for the time.

Oh what a snowy day

Sometimes they get bored

Just waiting all around

So they practice snow

And breathe upon the ground

There appears a glaze

A lacy cover lost

And that is why we

In autumn, have frost.

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