My encounter with aliens

Posted: October 3, 2008 in sci-fi, writing
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The incident I will tell you about happened on December 4th 1987. This is the date of my best friend’s dad’s birthday. He was having a party with lots of grown ups but not lots of kids. He just built his house the year before so the basement wasn’t divided into rooms like it is now. It was one big room.

Andy and I had a pink rubber ball that was really bouncy so we just bounced it around. After awhile we just took turns bouncing it around as hard as we could. The winter had started so Rick (Andy’s dad) had just taken down the screens and piled them at the bottom of the stairs. It was my turn to bounce the ball so I wound up. I threw it as hard as I could at the steps but it hit the screens instead. There was a dull flash and the ball disappeared.

We didn’t know where it went. We split up to search for it. I took the side of the room with the stairs. While I was searching, I happened to glance out of the window. I saw a ball of light go by on the road really fast. Too fast to have been a car. It went down the hill and then up into the air. I called over to Andy to tell him what I had seen. I told him what I saw and then he said he saw it too. Except he said that the ball of light went around the room and the up the stairs. We looked at each other and screamed, “Aliens!!” Then we ran frantically up the stairs to where all the grown ups were.

We asked lots of people if they had seen a weird light and one guy said he had. He said it went around the room and then through the door. Not out it, through it. We ran outside and looked around. Then we looked up. Even though it was snowing, we could see a pair of lights going farther and farther away. The lights in the sky appear every other year on December 4th, and we are always waiting. I felt curious, scared, and excited all at the same time. That incident has instilled in me, a lifelong interest in aliens. I always look to the sky on a starry night.

  1. Did you know that 1987 was one of the most active years for aliens. UFOs too of course but if you were to read everything there is to read on the Internet, regarding true stories such as yours, you will see 1987 mentioned more often than any other year.

    This certainly had a lot to do with the invent of the Internet of course but more so because that was the reported year from the experiencer.

    I am an abuductee (a multiple abductee) and my last abduction was 1988 so I pay good attention to dates when I read about the encounters that others have had.

    Speaking of “ball of lights”. I had three ‘fuzzy’ balls of light come into my bedroom in the middle of the day. All three hung next to one another in the air above my bed. It was about 2 feet above my bed and off to the side of the bed just a bit. The balls were big. They were each about the size of a 21″ television. The sun was shining in the bedroom and I just sat there and watched while at the same time that they appeared, a small voice told me to sit still and not go near them. I watched them for probably 30 minutes or so.

    As well and about 20 feet from me was the figure of a man. That voice said one more thing, which was – “they (meaning the fuzzy balls) protect him”. The voice was referring to this man.

    On the man, where ever there was an appendage like a leg or arm, etc., there was (what appeared to be) a neon light running through it (It was actually just a light but it appeared to look like neon due to it’s brightness) running through each appendage. His legs were made up of bright blue lights but at the same time I could see the outline of an actual leg – but I didn’t see an actual leg with skin. It was what some might saw was a ghost (of sorts). I guess I could say it looked like a ‘shadow’ of a leg or a ‘shadow of an arm. But they all had lights and they all varied in color. The lights went from what would be his toes and all the way up to his head where his neck stopped. His head was very large but not so much alien looking as it was human looking. His head and face reminded me of Kang. Next time you go into the grocery store go into the tea isle and look for Earth Tea – green tea. There is a picture of Kang on the box. Or check the internet for pictures and you’ll find him.

    I’ve had thousands of experiences though my life in regard to aliens. I’m one of those weird ones who gets an atrocious amount of out of body experiences while I sleep, tremendously lucid dreams and even daytime visions that play out in my head as if they’re on old super 8 film. This stuff is real and its still going on today for many. Getting people to believe it however is only for the experiencer because these experiences are just to ‘out there’ for the rest. Someday they’ll know though.

  2. alpinmack says:

    Thank you for sharing. I will surely look for Earth Tea next time I am at the store.

  3. cwillz says:

    Great story. I have heard alot a few alien stories from first hand witnesses that seem very reliable. What a weird life.

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