2 piratical poems

Posted: October 3, 2008 in writing
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“Spanish Main” (Cape Cod 5/22/96)

Wind whips through his hair

His eyes look through the night

It’s been good sailing so far

Soon it will be light

He sees his target looking

On the horizon far to port

His crew gears up for battle

The bloodshed will be short

That night seeped in wiskey

Pirates celebrate

They just sunk a Spanish Gallion

And everyone’s their mate

The mood soon changes

When treasure is talked of

They kick, punch, cut, and stab

For money is their love

The rising sun from the East

Sheds its warming light

Upon a scene of carnage

The bloody remains of the night

(Cape Cod 5/23/96)

Bearing down they see

What every seaman dreads

The white flag of quarter down

And the cross-bones up instead

Her decks aswarm with the

Murdering scum of the sea

The bravest mariners quiver

While timid crewmates flee

As the first pirate leaps

Aboard with cutlass drawn

The crews’ moans of despair

Are drawn out loud and long

Through the smoke of battle

The Captain sees his foe

It’s the most ruthless pirate

His anger turns to woe

As the pirates loot the ship

The bosun cries in pain

With one slight move of a rapier

The old seafarer is slain

The celebration that night

Carried on to morn

As the ruthless one awoke

He wished he’d never been born

Cause the British Navy

Caught up with them at last

He was sure that he’d be keelhauled

Or at least nailed to the mast

+ 1 extra

Ever on they crash to the shore

Paying heed to naught

Through these waters, many have died

in battles men have fought.

Viking ships and Spanish Galleons

Their timbers they have wet.

But separated through earthly time

Their crews have never met.

Hearty men with bravest plans

Have met death on this great span

Of water, thundering towards the land

That in mind I stop with hand.

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