writing update: critically acclaimed

Posted: September 24, 2008 in Books, sci-fi
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I went to my creative writing class last night and found that the first thing we would be doing would be reading the first chapter of my story aloud. My professor said that if this had crossed a desk at Tor or Del-Rey the person reading it would say, “This guy’s a pro.” He said it was really good and professionally done. He also said that while some peoples’ work might be a car that needs breaks and had some rusting bodywork, my writing was a finely tuned sports car. All it needed was a little polish to make it look great. Even other students said they liked how it jumped right into the action and made them want to read more. My use of imagery and world description was also well liked because I didn’t give away too much too soon, but what I did give, made them really see it.  Here are two sentences they liked:

She whipped around the corner and, using her targeting reticle that she projected temporarily on her retina, blasted three quick shots at the spidery robot that scurried towards her from the other end of the hall.

He thought about how the windows would light up with nature’s own fireworks display as all the creatures from the deep exploded the darkness with bioluminescence.

Of course, in the context of the story they fit better but I guess I just wanted to share some good praise I received. I was pleasantly surprised. Not to say that there wasn’t criticism as well, but it wasn’t bad, just constructive.

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