Goodbye Papa

Posted: September 24, 2008 in Family, Home
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Right now, my grandfather is up in and ICU with a machine hooked to his face that forces air into his lungs. He is too weak to breathe on his own and his heart wouldn’t oxygenate his blood effectively anyway. He might die today or in a few days. I got out of work early yesterday to go see him and say my last goodbyes. He was alert but could not answer me.

I told him how I remembered all of the trips we took when I was younger and visited them in Oklahoma. How we went to go see the Prairie Dog town in Texas and how we fished for crawdads off a bridge with bits of bacon tied to a string. They would grab the bacon in their pincers and we just lifted them up. When they were all boiled, they looked like little lobsters and I lined them up with the biggest one facing all the rest like he was a General inspecting the troops. I told him I remembered our train ride together and our camping trip in his old VW bus. How it got so cold that I had to climb up with him.

I told him that I was glad that for the past year, they had moved back to the East coast so my wife could meet them and that it was really cool that he got to see his great grandson Andrew. I recounted the many BBQs we had gone to this summer and that we would miss him. Then I said goodbye and walked out of that beeping room. Goodbye Papa. I’m happy to say that I will see you again in a much better place.

  1. Darlene says:

    …priceless….thanks for sharing

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