Mandatory 1 month wait for Abortion.

Posted: September 19, 2008 in baby, Politics
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I believe that if we instituted a mandatory wait of one month after birth before an abortion could take place, it would drastically reduce the number of babies slaughtered each year. If the mother was required to swing the machete or scalpel, there would be almost zero abortions a year. No mother with a shred of human feelings could hack her own baby to pieces. Call me what you like but I think abortion is wrong, no matter what the situation. So a woman gets raped, that is a horrible tradegy, but don’t go and make it worse and kill the innocent child too. Besides, the vast majority of abortions are not because of rape or incest, they are convenience killings. “Oh, I don’t feel like having a baby right now.” Well, maybe you should have thought about that before having sex.

However, as strong as my feelings for this issue are, I refuse to let this one issue decide the election for me. I believe the Republicans will do much more damage than good, in almost all areas of policy. Eight years ago, I would have voted for McCain and I said McCain in 08? Yeah. But not so much now. He will get us into more war (Iran) and stay in Iraq 100 years!? (his words, not mine). No please. We need to take care of America where we need it most, in America.

  1. jonolan says:

    Let’s consider amending that statement to, “Well, maybe you should have thought about that before having unprotected sex.”

    The conflation of the pro-life movement with abstinence only sex education and the sentiment against contraceptives is not doing anyone any good.

  2. jonolan says:

    I agree with you in principle, but believe we must differentiate between what is a moral & ethical choice best determined by the individual, their family and their church (if appropriate), and what should be mandated by force of secular law.

    To limit or outlaw abortion because an innocent life is ended by the practice is one thing. To outlaw contraceptives is quite another. At that point we’re just saying that our government must be the arbiter of our morality. I don’t know about you, but I don’t accept a secular authority as having the right to that power.

  3. alpinmack says:

    I agree, partially. I think people should wait until they are married before having sex. Is this realistic in America today? No. But I also don’t think a 15 year old girl shouldn’t worry about doing it with her 14 year old boyfriend just because he has a condom. They are not ready to be parents so they should not be doing something that leads to parenthood. Heck I wasn’t ready to be a parent and I was 27.

  4. alpinmack says:

    I never said we should outlaw contraceptives. In fact, I think more people should use them. It would help reduce abortions and also our impact on the environment. Although dead babies are more biodegradable than used condoms. Wow, I’m in a morbid mood today. But Yes, government can’t mandate morality. Abortion is a sticky issue. Even if the government outlaws them comlpetely, people will still get them. I don’t know what the answer is but I know where I stand.

    Thanks for your comments by the way.

  5. jonolan says:

    Sorry for the confusion – that wasn’t meant as straw man argument. I had commented on separating the sex ed and contraception from the pro-life anti-abortion platform and you voiced a certain dissent. Since, I was – and almost always am – operating from a political and judicial viewpoint I responded as I did.

  6. cwillz says:

    I feel the same way about the present election you do, with some exception. I am very anti-abortion because I am pro-life. However, pro-life means the totality of life(human) and I really believe that while Barack is incorrect about the decisions “above his pay grade”, he actaully does get that we force and keep thousands and thousands of people in poverty and oppression by the way we govern.

  7. yensi says:

    hey am so against abortions because as ssona sperm penetrates the oval is a baby and baby have the right to live says so in the bills of rights and everywhere cuz you who is doing the abortion think about this if your mother had aborted you how would u feel? i dont think so well huh? well i think that we have rights even the fetus ecept for the fetus cant speak up yet wait for i to be born and grow up it will tell you wats up!and any ways dont do sex if u dont want to get pregnant cuz every thuing u use to protect your self has a risk of u getting prego but also if you dont want ur baby u should have it wait for it to be in there for 9 months and then i u still dont want it give it up to those couples who cant have babys and also i dont think you will give it up cuz u gona think how ur baby reacted when u talk to it or when u said something nice think about it its growing inside of you its part of you and you cant just trowit away and if you do youll go to hell and god will never forgive you that what i have to say my name is yensi fores glad to say what i just said!

  8. Mockingbird says:

    I think abortion is wrong and it always has been. Pro-choicers have no idea what they are talking about; they haven’t seen the dismembered baby lying bloody on the ground because its mother “wasn’t ready for it”. Over 49,000,000 babies have been murdered since 1973, and if those babies were to make up the population of a single country then that country’s population would be ranked 25th highest in the world. The only differences between the amount of babies killed through abortions and the amount of people who died in WW2 are a) not as many babies have been killed, though the number is growing as i type, and b) the brave souls who died in WW2 had the choice to put the life on the line and at least they will be dearly missed.

  9. booh01 says:

    it’s not a baby yet. it’s a fetus. and if their not read for it then let it be. some ppl would say our world is overpopulated anyway. and if someone wants to ‘murder’ their own fetus then by all means do so. The person tht brought them into life, can take them back out. tht’s their problem in their own futures not ours. and Mockingbird, the babies may not have the choice to die, but it wasn’t their choice to live either.

  10. please visit says:


    You really think that because a woman brought a life into this world, she can take it out? Well alright then.

    I guess it’s okay for my mother to murder me, she has the right. Oh, and yours too, it’s only fair. That’s how you view it, at least.

    Also, “it wasn’t their choice to live either”, is a horrible, horrible excuse. It’s stupid, too.

    If you were shot, it wasn’t your choice to die. But it’s okay, you didn’t choose to live.

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  12. Grace7820 says:

    I agree with please visit

    If your going to have sex, you need to be protected. Whether or not you choose to be, is your choice. Now, you better be ready for a baby if you have non-protected sex. Killing the innocent ones are horrible. They have nothing to do with the mistake their mom and dad makes.

    No one should ever say ‘The person tht brought them into life, can take them back out.’
    Who says that?!

    And, please visit, is TOTALLY right. Your mom brought you in this world she can take you out too.

    But the thing is, babies are the innocent ones and shouldn’t be the victims of something they weren’t able to fix.

    Now think of all the people that can’t have babies and how they feel?
    People are having abortions like its nothing.


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