Posted: September 7, 2008 in Sports

Yeah I went paintballing yesterday. In the Rain. It was a lot of fun, except you couldn’t see anything out of the goggles because they got so foggy from the moisture and breathing. I always enjoy playing paintball. It makes me feel like I’m eleven again, running through the woods yelling Bang! Bang! Except this time, I have a gun that shoots real projectiles. And you know when you get hit. It stings! I only got shot 2 or 3 times because I am sneaky. When my team was trying to take the two story fort I found a path around to the side and picked off a guy in the tower before anyone knew I was there. After some return fire, I got another one and then ran out to tag the inner wall signifying our victory. We played in the woods course, the two story fort, the one story fort, and the field speedball course out at Extreme Action Sports paintball on VanBuren Rd. Despite the rain, we all had a good time and then pounded pizza and wings afterwards. The rest of the guys headed up to Canada for the rest of the bachelor party festivities but since I am married and would like to stay that way, I declined. Plus I don’t drink so it wouldn’t have been much fun for me. Although paintbal on the otherhand, I could do again tomorrow. But I should get involved in another activity that costs money. I am just about to take up golf and I figure that is enough, besides the whitewater kayaking, climbing, snowboarding, etc.

  1. drcorner says:

    Paintball’n is extreme fun when you get a place that has awesome fields (especially with tall places;) )

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