Home improvements

Posted: September 3, 2008 in Home
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Things I would like/ need to do:

Replace roof $12,000

strengthen front steps $50

finish stripping paint on kitchen cabinets

tear up and re-pour basement floor  $20,000 ?

sand blast basement walls and seal with waterproofer $200 ?

re-grade landscape on the sides of the house and replace sidewalk

paint master bedroom $50

renovate bathroom: tear out tub , install window, install Solatube, install clawfoot tub.  $3000

renovate kitchen: move built in cabinets, tear down wall, more counter-space  $1000

  1. That’s quite a list. My gut feel is some of your prices may be off. A kitchen project like you describe will be a lot more than $1000. A new basement floor? That’s odd plus it sounds high. Sealing with a waterproofing on the walls? Usually not the best way to waterproof a basement.

    Feel free to consult with The Handyguys before you proceed with these projects. We offer free advice and may use a question in a future weekly podcast.

    Good luck with your renovations.

    Handyguy Brian

  2. alpinmack says:

    Thanks for your comment. I just threw some numbers up there. I would rather expect something to be high and find out that it’s cheaper. And yes, my basement floor is crappy. Cracked, broken, uneven, doesn’t drain well, etc. It would be a huge project but I want to remove the current cement down to the dirt and redo everything. Drainage, vapor-barrier, and a nice smooth concrete floor. As far as waterproofing, I was think of using something like Drylock, the masonry waterproofer. Is that not a good option for walls? What would be better?
    Anyway, I will deffinitely check out your podcast. Thanks.

  3. drcorner says:

    Yeah, some great projects to do…my did does construction, and when they finish a job you can see the satisfaction they get.

    Though I agree, the Kitchen estimate seem way too low. Cabinets are usually the biggest cost of kitchen remodels, so unless you’re gonn’a use reclaimed cabinets or just reface your exisiting ones…$1,000 is probably off by about $10,000. 😆 , sorry.

    Bob’s also right in that the basement reflooring will probably be your biggest project (logistics wise). Because of serious foundation risks, you may want to task out this one.

    The Bathroom remodel sounds great, with your house’s old-charm style, the claw-foot tub should fit in great. A pedestal sink may also work well with it.

    Good luck my man, and post some before and after pics of each project, I’d love to see’em.

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