This is my latest video I made. It shows a little of what I do for fun.

  1. drcorner says:

    Hilarious man! Although, I’d never want to try the ice-climbing, that looks waaaaaaaay to dumb to try (no offense meant 😆 ), unless you’re a pro or something.

  2. alpinmack says:

    I rock climbed for years before I tried ice climbing. I also had a lot of high ropes course experience so working at height doesn’t phase me. We try to be as safe as we can using multiple anchors, dry ropes, and being in good shape so we don’t quit half way up a 300 ft. waterfall. It’s a lot of fun and it’s also important to have something to do during the long upstate NY winters.

  3. drcorner says:

    One thing I’d like to try if I ever get the moxy to do it is Bungy Jumping…yeah, I know lame, but still it’d be a real rush.

    Whenever I can muster up enough money and time, and when I’m finally settled down with someone…I’d love to take them tree-gliding (I don’t remember the proper term for it). Where you basically glide across long lengths of cable from one Tree to another in the jungle.

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