McDonald’s Soccer ad

Posted: August 31, 2008 in Food, Sports
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McDonald’s has an ad out now that I think is hilarious. It shows a fat kid tending goal when he gets scored on and loses the game. The winning team celebrates while the losing team gets happy meals and feels better about themselves. The message of this ad: Only losers eat McDonald’s. And the more you eat, the bigger and slower you get, so the more games you will lose, and the more you will eat to feel better about yourself. Great ad McDonald’s.

  1. drcorner says:

    You know I never caught the hidden meaning…good catch! 😛

    I remember the first time I saw the commercial on TV, it’s ending totally caught me off-guard and was not what I was expecting…had me roll’n in laughter.

  2. Julie Blaeser says:

    Wow — you sad, cynical little man. The goalie is NOT even remotely “fat,” as you say. And just maybe, the gist of the commercial is that it’s “only a game,” and that the kids should keep it in perspective. Not only are the “winners” overwhelmingly obnoxious, it’s quite apparent that they, too, would prefer to have McDonalds. Get a life, and quit picking on little kids!

  3. alpinmack says:

    Thanks for your comment Julie. You are right that the other kids prefer McDonalds too. This just shows how pervasive their advertising is. I think it is a crime to feed kids food that makes them fat, obese, plump, chubby, etc. I like being healthy and staying active and I was never even remotely plump when I was a kid because my parents fed me real food, not junk. And yes, the winning team needs to learn some sportsmanship, but that still doesn’t change what the ad is saying. And I’m not sad, I’m happy. I love my life. I stay fit by rock climbing, ice climbing, whitewater kayaking, martial arts, and other activities, and I haven’t eaten McCraplds in almost two years. I’m 6’2” and 186 lbs with a muscular frame. How about you?

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