Priority environmental actions

Posted: August 29, 2008 in environment
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This is a list from “The Consumer’s Guide to Effective Environmental Choices”

Priority Actions for American Consumers


1. Choose a place to live that reduces the need to drive.

2. Think twice before purchasing another car.

3. Choose a fuel-efficient, low polluting car.

4. Set concrete goals for reducing your travel.

5. Whenever practical, walk, bicycle, or take public transportation.


6. Eat less meat.

7. Buy certified organic produce.

Household Operations:

8. Choose your home carefully. (smaller, not in newly cleared development)

9. Reduce the environmental costs of heating and hot water.

10. Install efficient lighting and appliances.

11. Choose an electricity supplier offering renewable energy.

If we choose to do even a few of these things, we will have a big impact. I was encouraged when I read this list because I do all of them!

1. Our new house is closer to work, family, and church.

2. We have thought twice and did not buy one.

3. While 28 MPG is not awesome, 3 catalytic converters mean it is a super low emmision vehicle.

4. We combine trips and try not to drive when we can.

5. I bike to work.

6. We only have meat once or twice a week at home.

7. We do buy organic.

8. Our house is small, in an established city neighborhood.

9. We just got a 95% efficient furnace and insulated all the walls.

10. We use CFLs and all our new appliances (fridge, washer, dryer) are highly rated by Energy Star.

11. All our electricity comes from a renewable source.

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