Ultimate frisbee

Posted: August 18, 2008 in Sports
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I played some ultimate last night with my brother and sister and a bunch of their friends. One of them has a connection with the Parks and Rec department so we got to play on a turf field with the lights on. It was really fun. Although it showed that I am slightly out of shape. I am not eighteen anymore like a few of the people on my team. But I got a second wind around 10:15 or so and made some good interceptions and passes.  Great fun.

I always enjoy Frisbee because of good memories of playing it with my Dad out on the sand when the tide goes out in Brewster on Cape Cod. You could just run forever and not hit anything. Those were the days. I am also fortunate to have a wife with a great frisbee arm. We have a lot of fun playing and doing tricky catches and throws. Although we were almost arrested on our honeymoon because we were playing in a park in the middle of town in Bar Harbor. We found it interesting that a state who’s motto is “vacationland” will not let its tourists have fun.


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