Living Green

Posted: August 14, 2008 in environment
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I have been trying to live a more “green” lifestyle. I ride my bicycle to work (only 2 miles so about 12 minutes) I installed a 95% efficient furnace, and also got a new washer, dryer, and fridge which are all highly rated with energy star. We compost and only clean with natural products. I even go so far as to shave with a straight razor because there are no replacement blades. (although sometimes when I am lazy I use an old safety razor that has double edge razor blades. But those are 10 cents each, not 4 dollars each like mach 3 or fusion blades are. There are many other ways we save as well. Here are a few:

  • check I recycle, even when it is not convenient
  • I own some second-hand / re-use clothing
  • check I ride/walk more than drive
  • check I don’t buy disposable plates/utensils
  • check I bring my own containers for take out and restaurant leftovers
  • check I eat one locally sourced meal a week
  • check I do not commute; I live close to work/school
  • check I talk to my friends about living green
  • check I read/learn a lot about environmental issues
  • check I hang dry my laundry
  • check I live in a space smaller than 1000 square feet (per person)
  • check I use mostly all-natural, biodegradable cleaning products
  • check I flush selectively (and the people who live with me accept that)
  • check Most of my lightbulbs are compact flourescents
  • check I know how my electricity is generated, and have made the greenest choice
  • check I don’t have a yard, or it has only local, low maintenance vegetation
  • check I do not use any chemicals in my yard
  • check I do not own any personal motorized watercraft, aircraft, or a hummer
  • check I compost
  • check I turn off all the lights that are not necessary
  • check I store most of my food in reusable containers instead of aluminum foil
  • check I reuse my water bottle instead of buying bottled water
  • check I use cloth diapers
  • check I reuse bags. (Both paper and plastic)
  • check I use a digital camera
  • check I donate old clothes and other items instead of throwing them awa
  • I do not shop at Wal-Mart
  • check I use towels more than once before washing them
  • check I support presidential candidates who plan to protect the environment and to help it thrive
  • check I shave with a straight razor
  • check Most or all of my appliances are rated very efficient by Energy Star

These are taken from “I am Green” which is an application on Facebook. I was kind-of lazy and didn’t feel like reproducing a list that is already there.

How are you living “Green?”

  1. drcorner says:

    I’m in the same boat as you, I see the change in weather happening all around and know that global warming is gaining faster than scientists can predict. I agree with these new green trends, we can’t keep pumping out dirt into the air or other things bad for the environment and not expect it to change.

    It’s great to see more green choices out there.

    I wrote about a couple of new green choices out there, please check it out and comment with your ideas as well. I look fowrd to hear from you. Thanks.

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